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  1. J

    Transmission slip. Camshaft code P0016 and P0018

    Hey there guys and gals I am needing some advice on an issue with my 2007 VE commodore engine number LE0072820012. Ok so the issue is what I think is the transmission but I want to make sure before spending that kind of money that it's not an issue which can be brought on by a camshaft sensor...
  2. Wickham_1995

    O2 Sensor/Misfire Count OBD2 Advice

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody would be able to help me understand some information i logged tonight. This log was taken over 50 minutes, 50/50 town driving around 30-50km and highway run 100km. HSV E2 Senator 6.2l ls3 317kw 6sp Auto. I recently bought a bluedriver obd2 tool which had...
  3. robgm

    Commodore VZ fuel injectors replacement

    I've been having issues with my commodore VZ 2005 over the last few weeks. Used these forums a few times. Turns out it was a faulty fuel injector. I made a youtube of replacing the injectors in Commodore VZ Acclaim 2005 Alloytec (170kw?). Im no expert so bear with it if you need to do it. It...
  4. Berlina&Jag guy

    Don’t always assume timing chain!

    Thought I’d post a quick note to describe my recent engine issues- vz alloytec 3.6 with about 207,000k Was way down on power, running rough and check powertrain was coming on all the time especially if I tried to apply any force or go up a hill too quick. Fuel economy had gone off the chart...
  5. K

    VZ Scan Tool

    hey guys, I own a vz commodore and recently got a check engine light, I am thinking of buying a OBD2 scanner too clear the code. Will a standard OBD2 scanner work on a VZ v6 as I know they don’t work on anything prior too VZ except for the V8’s
  6. 9

    5 litre VT clubsport OBDII?

    1998 5.O VT Clubsport 5 speed I have read in a few places that 5 litre VT's use OBD2 for ecu. I have borrowed a friends Vgate OBD2 dongle and downloaded Torque lite app, the app and dongle connect but it then gets stuck at the protocol search stage, just keeps searching with no result, tried...
  7. Kiwifolk

    Obd2 trip computer

    Hey guys Does anyone know or has anyone tried to have a trip computer (distance travelled since reset) via the OBD2? I'm officialling at a rally and want to make it easy for the co driver to see the distance we're into the stage (this isn't essential but would be nice) without having to buy a...
  8. A

    OBD2 ELM 327 bluetooth fault codes

    Hi everyone, I scanned my friend's 2005 Holden Commodore using this OBD2 ELM 327 bluetooth scan tool I bought from ebay and it showed me these codes: C3700 C3F24 and I can't find what are these codes mean *note* my friend's ABS is broken so one of them is the ABS code thank you
  9. V


    Hi, I am wondering if I got a OBD2 scanner from the USA can it work on my commodore? Or should I buy one from here in Australia? Thanks, Vaughn
  10. A

    Should I buy the Nitro OBD2 chip

    Hi everyone, I just bought my first Holden Commodore and it needs an ECU chip tuning. I heard about this Nitro OBD2 chip and just wondering should I buy it and install it into my commodore. And what exactly would happen if I install it? Thank you in advance.
  11. M

    Correct Scan Tool/Cable/Adapter?

    Am looking to do some diagnostic work to: 1. Read a check engine code 2. Clear an airbag warning light 3. Bluetooth some live engine data to an app on my phone to monitor/troubleshoot it as I drive along Please note the paper clip trick has not helped (shows code 12) in regards to issue...
  12. Gilly91

    Starting VX SS with deployed airbags

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a donor car which is a VX SS that has been written off due to having a front on accident. I am using the LS1 and 6 speed out of it for a project car. Don't have any experience with VX Commodores or airbags but the accident set the airbags off and apparently the car...
  13. BehaveSS

    Have anyone tried this self tuning package?

    Just wondering if anyone here has tried this on VE? The part that caught my attention is "make optimized performance changes by editing, tuning and reprogramming cars ECU chip data" TOTAL OBD Car Diagnostics & Tuning Software | OBD-2 OBD2 Scan Tool Scanner
  14. U

    2007 omega specs help/obd2

    hi guys!, i am having trouble finding specifications needed for dashcommand. I have searched online and looked in the handbook but i cant seem to find the cars final drive ratios. I have a 2007 ve omega 3.6l dual fuel(i think it's a police spec?) thanks in advance
  15. southaussie

    [SA] Would this cable work with a vt ?

    HEY GUYZ/GALS, Just a random question, would anyone be able to tell me if they think that this cable would work with holden VT ? Being that it works with OPEL which is Basicly GMH. I figured its a long shot but it might work ! Ebay Link Here - Press To View
  16. S

    VR GTS 5.7 in VH need ALDL help

    Hey all i put a VR GTS engine in my VH using the factory HSV computer but i used a VN loom, it all runs sweet but im not sure how to hook up an ALDL cable as the VN and VR have a different diagnostic plugs, can any one help?