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  1. A

    VE Series I. Trip and Range not working

    Need help guys, trip rest to 0.00 but doesn’t operate. Range stays at 140km even after filling up. service reminder has been on for a while. any ideas?
  2. S

    Odometer gear kit. Is this the right one?

    I have 1997 Series 11 Equippe. Is this the right set of gears. In the threads I have checked, I cannot see the photos. Thanks in advance. https://www.ebay.com.au/i/132795577774?chn=ps
  3. V

    VE 2008 V6 COMMODORE WITH 62000 KM

  4. V

    Vs Commodore dash cluster swap.

    HI everyone, Just wanting to know my odometer has stopped working. I replaced the sun gear, which was missing a couple of teeth, but its still not working? Any clues? my dash is the one without a Tacho (Just fuel, speedo, temp) If I have a whole new dash out of a Vs V6 same as mine but its...
  5. A

    3 dead odometers but speedo is OK

    Odometer stopped a few weeks ago. I got an instrument cluster from wreckers, and swapped it, but no workee. The speedo worked on both clusters. So I complained to the wrecker, but he responded that they check everything before putting it on the shelf. Well I don't know how they could check...
  6. Rick60

    Odometer adjustment for replacement instrument cluster?

    I've just replaced the instrument cluster in my '97 VS Statesman and was wondering if it's possible to get the odometer reading adjusted to match that from the old unit. I have the original cluster i can use as proof it that's needed. My intention is not to falsify the reading, i only want to...
  7. M

    VT - Trip meter/odo have disappeared from MODE display

    Hi all Just had my VT serviced today and noticed when I drove it away that my trip meter and odo were missing from the display (usually odo, trip, dist to empty, overspeed when you press MODE). Trip meter is handy to have! I did the 'hidden' features with mode+right button as I turned on...
  8. SoloTech

    VS Odometer cog - FIX

    Hi, For those who run into the speedo working, but odometer/tripmeter not working issue, after ringing around a heap of Brisbane businesses i.e. Motorama etc, looking for the 25 tooth cog that snaps it's molars and getting 'Sorry, Holden don't make them and we don't stock them", I rang...
  9. V

    VP odometer not turning

    hey everyone, how ya goin? i'm new to the forum, and had a little look around for an existing thread but i couldn't find one. Problem is that my VP's odometer is not functioning, and i wanted to see what you guys thought would be the most economical and/or simple way to fix this problem. whether...
  10. Gilly91

    Odometer not working

    My odometer has not been working since I got my ute back from the panel beaters. Just wondering if anyone knew what I should look for to fix it? Could it be just a loose connection or anything? And where could this loose connection be? Thanks
  11. C

    My odometer does not work..

    :wax: HI i own a VN station wagon and have noticed the odometer is not working.. can some one help ?? :bang:
  12. B

    odometer overclocking

    my wife swears the odometer is clocking up more kays than shes doing.bought from dealer 2nd hand under new car warrenty 38000 km.anyone heard of this before?being electronic can it be tampered with to read over?.iv yet to check it myself though.vz sv6.car is original with 17's.thanks in advance.