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  1. R

    Simmons fr1 22x9.5

    I've searched through all previous posts and still no answer. Has anyone got 22x9.5 fr1s on vf ssv with small rear brakes? If so what offset. I don't want to use the offset that fit big brakes because I'll never change the rear brakes and want the rim further in so I can fit a larger tyre. I...
  2. T

    Lowered vz wheel size and offset

    I've just lowered my vz on ultra low springs and shortened shocks. I've been recommended to put 19x8.5 up front & 19x9.5 on the rear with 35p on both. Wanting to know what others are running. I don't mind if I have to roll the guards a touch. Cheers guys
  3. J

    Koya SF11 20x9.5 20x10.5 VF redline Brembos front and rear

    Hey guys, new member here been stalking the page and going around and around trying to sort out my new wheels and tyres for my ute reading everything I can. I am deployed overseas at the moment and having a nightmare sorting out offset for my rims which I have all ready paid for just awaiting my...
  4. K

    Vy ute offset

    For the guys with lowered vy utes what size rim and offset are you running? My ute's is pretty bloody low and running 19x9.5 with a +22 offset and the rears rub only on decent bumps in the road. Looking at getting new rims so just wanting to see what everyone else is running
  5. K

    Vertini dynasty 20” fitment

    Would 20” and 10”wide vertini dynasty rims with 255/35R20 fit on a ve sv6 Ute? What size hub centric rings would you have to use so the center bore of the wheel matches the hub of a ve? And what would be a good offset for the wheel?
  6. MOE_SS

    19 inch wheels, big brakes, offset and tyre size

    hi all, I am looking at getting some wheels for my SSV Wagon. I have some 4pot brembos front and back off a series two that I am going to put on and I really don't want a 35series profile tyre so I was thinking of getting some 19 inch wheels instead of 20s. Either something in the Koya range...
  7. S

    Wheel Sizes for my 2002 VU II s pack simmons

    Hi there, i've been driving around with crappy ssw 19'' 8.5 wheels on my vu ute s for a couple months now and i'm looking for an upgrade, i've been looking into satin black simmons fr19 wheels on ebay (new) 19'' with 8.5 front and 9.5 back. I'm unsure if they will fit. what tires and offset...
  8. P

    RIM Questions

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been brought up b4, but I can't find it in the records. I've got a VN Calais which in about a week is getting dropped with king super lows and Monroe gt's. I'm also online shopping for wheels to suit the freshly dropped Calais. Question is: the mags I'm looking at are...
  9. S

    Offset Wheels

    Hi first time posting.. I'm getting a VE ute for my 18th and wanna get a set of rays Volk te37 for them, I want them to be offset but know nothing about wheel sizes or anything like that can anyone help thanks I'll add a couple photos of an example of what I'm talking about...

    VY SS rims. Factory or Fakes. Offset help

    I just bought 4 x 18" x 8" rims that look like VY SS rims. 2 have about a 163mm back space and a part number, 92108750 (SFI 690kg) The other 2 have a 155mm back space and cast on the back is a ZNL.. D349 (SFI 690kg) What is the difference between theese rims please? I am putting...
  11. C

    what is the maximum offset i can get for a vu ute

    hi just wondering what is the maximum offset i can get for 8.5s and 9.5s under a vu utes gaurds if its lowered. thanks p.s for deep dish rims or at least that you know of
  12. C

    what is the 16 inch alloy offset

    what is the vx commodore s stock 16 inch alloy offset does anyone know?
  13. K

    Rolled guards?

    Hi looking at getting some rims for my new SS. lookin at 19's 9.5F +30, 10.5R +30 shop reckons they will be about 5mm too wide and scrub. told me ill need to get the guards rolled @[email protected] but the ve guards are huuggeee!! she is also lowered on kings 65mm... anyone had much experience...
  14. 2DIE

    VT offset/backspace, center bore, stud bore, stud bore angle.. ect

    I have a VT Acclaim and I am buying 8x15 rims from the USA and as they are not familiar with Commodores I have to send the guy all the information about the rims to ensure exact fitment. I have done tons of searches all over JC and the rest of the net and can not find the information I need...
  15. B

    will 19x9's with an offset of 53 fit on a vt by any chance?

    will 19x9's with an offset of 53 fit on a vt by any chance?