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oil cooler

  1. N

    Vt-Vz LS Oil Cooler Adapter Clearance

    Has anyone on here used this ProFlow GM LS Oil Cooler Adapter? I have my motor out of the car currently and looking at this adapter it really looks like the fittings coming off the bottom would foul the cross member. Anyone got any experience? Recommendation of fittings/angles etc? For...
  2. T

    VN 3.8 Oil Cooler

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows how to or has already seen a post relating to the installation of an oil cooler to a VN V6? Cheers
  3. S

    [VIC] swap: vz standard shifter, vt chrome twin exhaust tip, monza m-spec 9 row oil cooler,

    DESCRIPTION: swap ITEM: swap for anyting i have a 9 row monza m-spec 9 row oil cooler new, brand new vt twin exhaust tip, vz standard shifter LOCATION: werribee meblourne CONDITION:new, used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: swap post drop off pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD direct...
  4. VRV6BT1

    fluid coolers, how to?

    Hey, I just purchased both a trans cooler and power steering cooler off ebay. I want to install the trans cooler in-line with the output of the cooler in the radiator. 1. Is there a kit I can buy to connect up to the standard connectors? 2. Does anyone know the best way to install it...