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oil leak

  1. Dechlan Tutty

    VZ Alloytec 190 Sump Plug/Washer Sizes?

    Hi everyone, Gonna change the sump plug crush washer for this next service as I've noticed about a 1-drip-per-day leak on my driveway right under the plug's location where I park the car. Does anyone know the size of the crush washer I need? (Obviously can't measure it because it's still on...
  2. A

    Oil Leaks - Throttle Body Pipe CONNECTING To Air Filter

    Just yesterday I decided to install the long awaited CAI from Mace Engineering for my VZ 3.6L ALLOYTEC, but unfortunately when I started taking off parts to install the new CAI I noticed some pretty heavy oil leaks!! @[email protected] Below are some pictures, anyone has any idea where's that coming from...
  3. holdencallous

    rocker cover oil leak?

    Hey guys, so I recently got a series 2 VX commodore with 271xxxkms on the clock, as I was warming it up today I whacked on the fans because it was hot, it’s been turned in for about 4-5 minutes and I see a light smoke coming out of the vents which smells like burnt oil. so I turn the car off and...
  4. A

    Suspension Advice & Oil Leaks for Blueslip

    Hi Everyone, I've recently moved down to the Snowy Mountains from QLD and need to get my car changed to NSW rego. My car is a 2004 VZ Berlina Sedan (see picture below), has about 160,000kms on it and runs well. I put it in for a Blue Slip today and it didn't pass (was expecting that) due to the...
  5. Stef-vy

    Freaking out!! Oil on top of gearbox?!

    I've noticed lately my vx commodore v6 has been using the oil more often than usual, dipstick was just under add and low. and I pulled it in the yard last night and popped the bonnet and I could see splashed oil all over the gearbox and back end part of the engine bay.. a bit scary is this my...
  6. H

    Slow Oil Leak behind ecu svz ute

    How are we all guys? I've got a very slow oil leak coming from the 2 sensors behind the ecu at the front of the block, my question is what are these? Cam position sensors? I've done quick searches but no straight answer I just wanna be sure i'm buying the right seals before I do, or if anyone...
  7. J

    VE SV6 Wagon series 2

    Just bought a series 2 VE SV6 2012 Wagon from a dealer and I just have a couple of concerns, they provided a RWC but I'm not sure what the following may be: -When doing a U-turn I get a creeky sound so I think there may be an oil leak in the steering rack? -When the car starts up there's a noise...
  8. U

    [VT-VX] Water Leak Between Engine & Gear Box

    If you have an over heating problem or a oil leak between your engine and Gear Box you will find you may have to replace the rear main seal and plate, this job can be done by one person. I made a Video with a quick overview. how to fix a over heating issue on a Holden commodore, Berlina...
  9. some_evil

    VZ SV6 oil disappearing into thin air!

    Hi Guys, I purchased my second hand SV6 about 18months ago from a dealer and within one month I heard a rattle from the engine, and I took it back and they instantly noticed that rattle was the timing chain rattling as it had no oil at all in the motor, it was below the dip stick. This was...
  10. DriftVC

    Oil smell from gearbox.

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, so this will be my first post. I have an issue with my gearbox and wondering if anybody can help. I got a 5sp MX5 in the VL, and seem to be getting a rank oil smell coming into the car. There is no visible oil leak from the gbox which has got me thinking that...
  11. D

    WH Statesman oil pressure switch and oil leak

    hey all so my gen III 2002 WH Statesman engine warning light came on..took it to a holden dealer, they told me i need a new oil pressure switch. they put one in...was fine until a week later the light came back on, on my dash, took it to holden again. it was the same code. they told me it...
  12. michaelsh1993

    Timing Chain Cover Oil Leak ***Need Help :(

    I have a VE Omega 2006, ive recently taken it to holden for a service and they say there is an oil leak at the timing chain cover, its going to cost me 1600 to reseal the timing chain cover, the car has done 155 thousand kms, is it difficult do do yourself? reccomendations would be great as i...
  13. S

    No power increase from sc14.

    I've installed a sc14 on my vr calias. I was in a bit of a rush and I started it up without a waste gate. I blew out the rocker cover gaskets. I changed them and it seems like there's no power increase from the charger at all. It seems to be leaking oil form the dip stick. But I'm not 100%...
  14. BadJesse

    Oil leaking?

    Hey fellas, So i moved my car and and when i was walking past my other car spot i noticed little oil drops. What can cause this? Cheers
  15. F

    VS small oil leak

    HI I have a 95 vs commodore and it's leaking engine oil i think its one of the seals it only leaks overnight and it's only one or two drops What could be the problem and how can i fix it thanks