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oil pressure

  1. Justin rook

    VT 5Ltr oil pressure light on

    Hi. I just replaced my water pump and started the car and now my oil pressure warning light is coming on. It's never come on b4 until I replace me water pump. What would cause that?
  2. V

    304 knock--- Need help!!

    Gday guys New to the forum so would love your help. I've searched this forum and Google all over and haven't found a solution or answer to my problem, only threads that weren't completed, so thought I'd start a new thread. I've recently bought a VP s pack 304 factory auto, completely stock...
  3. P

    Code p0521

    Hi I've got a couple of codes on my 2006 svz alloytec... first of all the oil pressure sensor code and p0522 oil pressure sensor circuit low voltage.... should I just change the sensor and see how it goes or should I be worried about something else.... I took the oil cap off after I stopped the...
  4. T

    VR V6 Oil Pressure Issue

    gday Guys, I’m the second owner of a 1994 Berlina V6 with 405000kms on the clock I’m wondering if anyone could explain why the oil light flickers when it’s idling and if there are any solutions to this issue. I couldn’t find any threads on the Buick engine only the 304 Cheers, Tim
  5. R

    VZ Intermittent diesel sound

    Hi, New to the forum. Been lurking the past few weeks. Couldn't really find an answer to my specific problem. So here I go... So I pickup this commodore cheap. Had an over heating problem, was a cracked radiator, easy fix. During that time got an oil warning light decided to change oil, noticed...
  6. C

    Oil pressure!!!!!

    I have the 07 commodore ss. Hot idle gives me 100 KPA and WOT @6000 gives me 450 KPA. My idle is low. I've replaced oil pressure senor, installed melling high pressure oil pump yet still the same pressure. There is no ticking noise no weird noise and no sign of damaged cam bearing or main...
  7. A

    Vs 5 litre statesman oil pressure problem

    Hey everyone, new to the site and I know that this issue probably has been covered before but it really has me stumped.... The oil pressure light came on in my 5 litre the other day and started sounding like a diesel. I immediately switched her off, checked oil, all good, as every other post...
  8. G

    vn oil pressure?

    hi i have a series 2 vn commodore and i was wondering what oil pressure i should be getting? the engine has only done 180xxx kms and the oil pressure is at 35-40 when cold then drops as i drive? in the past few days it has dropped to a low of 18psi? any ideas whats going on and how i...
  9. V

    Please Please Please Read and Help me ! Oil Pressure Problem!!!

    Hey guys please take the time to read the information i have about my problem: I have a Holden VZ Executive 2005 3.6L Alloytec Auto. My car was running fine, no oil problems no clunking sounds no nothing. I left the car off for two days while i was spray painting the wheels, and when...
  10. N

    Many, many questions and problems..

    Hello JC! This is my second post, so bare with me lol. I have a 2002 Series II VX Executive Sedan, ODO says 270,000km's. Two weeks ago I replaced the engine with an engine out of a VS Wagon, unfortunately I don't know what year the VS. After doing this I was informed that it is illegal to...
  11. 9

    problems with everything, wheres the matches

    hey allen here cars heading in to the 575,000k mark look im having some problems just want some sympathy and maybe advice got a clunk on the front end passenger side. started out just when braking, now i get it hiting the ramps, potholes on the and ocationaly tugging the steering...
  12. K

    07 VE GTS oil pressure gauge issue

    Hey guys First time post. I had my car serviced (120,000 km) on Friday 28/09/12 and they did the normal fluid checks and changed oil filter and general checks on the vehicle. I started this morning just to make sure all is good before i set off to Bathurst and the oil pressure gauge was at...
  13. C

    where to put temp gauges in a vx or vu?

    just wondering where i could put some gauges in my vu that are not blocking my view thanks
  14. J

    VX LS1 T piece for oil pressure switch

    Hi does anyone know where i can find a t piece for my ls1 vx for the oil pressure switch so i can run an aftermarket gauge and sender aswell as the factory one? i think the thread o the factory sensor ir 16mm x 1.5 and the aftermarket is 1/8npt
  15. T

    Help needed for gauge installation into VB

    Hi all, I've got a VB and i'm building a black 202 to put in it. I want to put Autometer Oil Pressure and Water Temperature gauges in it but i'm not quite sure how to wire them up. i know how to wire up the positive and negative wires but I dont know exactly how to wire them up to the motor...
  16. D

    vp 5l oil pressure issue?

    hey all ive just put together a new motor for my vp the whole short motor is brand new from holdent spares ive put a stage three crow cam and lifters pushrods and complet heads off original motor (wich was built about 6 months before i bought the car and the bottom end fell to bit after about...