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oil pump

  1. J

    Oil pump damaged?

    I made a total rookie mistake and ran my motor dry for five minutes after putting it back together. Had a total scatter brain moment. After putting the right amount of oil in I'm now hearing a high pitch squeaky noise which I didn't hear before I took it apart. I had to lift it to change the oil...
  2. P

    Code p0521

    Hi I've got a couple of codes on my 2006 svz alloytec... first of all the oil pressure sensor code and p0522 oil pressure sensor circuit low voltage.... should I just change the sensor and see how it goes or should I be worried about something else.... I took the oil cap off after I stopped the...
  3. S

    Vz ss 6L knocking

    Hey everyone, so I recently purchased an 06 vz ss thunder ute, it has a loud knock when cold and originally thought it could be the idler pulley, But after talking with a couple of people I'm starting to think it could be the oil pump, I haven't noticed the car using any oil etc but if this is...
  4. H

    VY Clubsport LS1 oil pump

    Hi all. Who knows about these LS1 oil pumps? Do they fail, how and are they hard to replace? It's ticking when first cranked until oil reaches the top. About 3 seconds. Should I get a oil pressure test done? I heard the 2 o rings let go and loose some pressure. Doesn't do it all the time...
  5. S

    Buying a cam and oil pump

    Hey guys I'm new here, first post actually I've got a WK statesman 5.7l thats just clicked over 165k I'm having issues with extreamly noisy cold starts followed by "check oil" warnings on the dash also the occasional ticking while driving, I'm assuming a noisy lifter. Ive tried thin oils...
  6. topdzl

    VT Aftermarket oil pump best choice

    Hi I need to replace my oil pump so I'm wondering if I replaced mine with an aftermarket oil pump would be any better? and if yes what's the best one should I go for. (it's daily drive) I tried to look for some on the internet and the only way to find some is by searching for ls1 oil pumps. I...
  7. Morton

    Priming 304 oil pump

    Okay, I've had no end of bad luck trying to prime my oil pump. Anybody have any tips? : I've packed the entire thing with petroleum jelly : The sump is full : The oil filter is full : I have an external mechanical oil pressure gauge hooked up And it's reading 0psi. The dial doesn't even...