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  1. AntonX25XE

    Opel Omega 2.5 V6 with Irmscher bits

    Hi there! I'm a stunend of mechanical engineerig faculty from East Europe, currectly Estonia, a piece of dust on world map:). Want to represent my 1997 Omega. Specs: 2.5 V6 X25XE Ecotec, irmscher ecu main unit, irmscher -30mm lowering springs, irmscher shockabsorbers etc. 125kW(170hp)...
  2. southaussie

    [SA] Would this cable work with a vt ?

    HEY GUYZ/GALS, Just a random question, would anyone be able to tell me if they think that this cable would work with holden VT ? Being that it works with OPEL which is Basicly GMH. I figured its a long shot but it might work ! Ebay Link Here - Press To View
  3. Wesuri

    Opel Commodore C

    Opel Commodore C (and other Opels vs. Holden) Greetings from the north to down under! My name is Jukka and I'm an Opelholic ;). I live in Finland, northern Europe. As you may know there is a lot in common between Opel and Holden and I've been looking through various Australian sites for info...