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  1. K

    bonnet jammed half open.

    Alright guys, here's the problem: I was fitting a new steering wheel in my VR 3.8 auto. Naturally, I pulled the bonnet open, removed the fusebox cover, and pulled the horn fuse. Later that night, in the dark, I noticed it was about to rain, so I went to close the bonnet. Some idiot tried to slam...
  2. M

    Open diff or LSD??

    hey guys Im looking at buying a diff center off someone but the owner isnt too sure whether its an LSD or open diff. its advertised as a LSD but after a few searches on google im pretty sure its an open diff. Ill post some pics and can someone please verify what it is? thanks heaps !:)
  3. M

    Rear door on wagon - how to make it open from inside the car?

    I've been thinking for some time, is there a way to make the cargo/rear door of a wagon able to be opened from inside the car? This is for a VX, but I'd imagine VT, VY and VZ would all be the same, and earlier models maybe. Today I had the trim off the cargo door on my VX and had a look at...