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otr and tune

  1. V

    Need advise on modifying a SV6 2012 SERIES 2

    Whats the best OTR and exhaust system for a VE SV6 2012 SERIES 2 and average prices included fitting. Also would it be better to get a 3 inch custom build downpipe made from the headers to cats quoted for $1000 instead of a full dpe 2.5 exhaust system quoted at $2500.
  2. S

    OTR Cold Air Intake for VF SS - Who's Had Any Issues ?

    I went to OZTRACK in Penrith today i'd researched what Intake i wanted and decided on the Orssom version. I had enough loot to buy the induction System (MAF) but not for the tune as ive read you can plug and play with these ones. mafless needs tuning. So i went there and the Sales Lady said that...
  3. D

    28 days until TUNE (advice on E85 and supporting mods please)

    Hello All Before my Ramjet otr and tune (GM Motorsports $990 special) on a VF SS ute auto. I am looking for lowdown throttle response & torque primarily (peak kw is a bonus) but can't justify $4k on quality full S/S exhaust As this is a new car and I may need to claim warranty I want to...