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  1. B

    VZ coolant leaking from overflow

    I bought an 04 model VZ three days ago, yesterday morning it started to overheat, so I pulled over and made it somewhere safe to top up with water til I got home, when filling the overflow reservoir it pissed everything straight back out. I filled up the radiator, no leaks or heat issues, but...
  2. N

    Aeroflow Coolant & Steering fluid tank issues

    Has anyone installed the Aeroflow Radiator overflow tank and/or power steering reservoir to their Series 1 LS1 VY? The plastic bottles on my car are pretty aged and looking pretty rough and I'm keen to replace them with the much nicer black finish aeroflow options...
  3. M

    Does anyone know how this works?

    Hi, Just wanting to know if anyone knows how these polished cans work; RADIATOR OVERFLOW TANKS POLISHED STAINLESS 15 inch - eBay Other, Cooling Systems, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 22-Jul-10 16:12:05 AEST) I thought that the hoses needed to be at the top...
  4. M

    Washer Bottle / Radiator Overflow

    Hi Everybody, I have noticed in a lot of magazines, on VK/VH show cars that they have no washer/overflow bottles in the engine bay (well none that I can see anyway). Just wondering if anyone has managed to hide there bottles? If so can anyone tell me where as I am keen to do it myself. Cheers
  5. H

    Overflowing VY

    Hi I recently purchased a VY and havent had any problems for a week or so, now ever since i turned on the aircon the car heats up and begins to overflow brown transparent liquid. Now even when the aircon isnt on the car still overheats and overflows. Any feedback or comments would be much...