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  1. L

    Overheating/coolant leaking issue L67

    G'day, I have an 04 L67 statesman. I've recently had steam and boiling coolant leaking from the left hand side of the radiator near the top hose. Temp gauge fluctuates on freeway to work and overheating happens if I make a detour between freeway and my house (to the supermarket and so on). I...
  2. S

    HVAC Recirculation Turning on Automatically (POLLUTION MODE OFF)

    Hey guys, first post on the forum so I hope I've got it in the right place :) I have owned a 2006 WM Statesman as my first car since Feb, and she has been my absolute pride and joy, reliable, comfortable, and a hit with mates. However, I have been having a small problem with the air con that...
  3. A

    Coolant Flush and Coolant Recovery tank questions

    Hi guys, my car overheated a few weeks ago and when I opened the radiator cap it was completely dry. A few problems I've been facing since are: 1. I have to keep topping up coolant in the radiator after a few days. 2. The radiator doesn't seem to be pulling any coolant from the recovery...
  4. C

    randomly overheated VZ please help

    Hey Everyone Im new here, only posted once before. I have a VZ commodore and usually only do the small trips. Today I drove back from Goolwa to adelaide (100km) drive and my car seemed fine until i decided to park outside my house when the temperature started to go up. After turning my car...
  5. moocow

    Freshly rebuilt cammed engine runs hot

    Hey guys, I just did a top end rebuild and installed a lumpy cam and my heads were worked on while I had them out. While the engine runs pretty much perfectly, it gets excessively hot and I can't think why. I flushed the coolant and oil systems. I put anti freeze and anti boil coolant in...
  6. trav27

    Vt intermittent temp rise + starting issues.

    Hey guys, While stopped at the lights [most of the time], the temp gauge will rise and the 'hot' chime goes off, while this is happening the heater will stop and blow cold air. Usually this will last for about 15-20s at most, then the heat kicks in and then temp goes down. Within the past 5...
  7. O

    I think I'm pretty lucky...

    So I'd been having trouble with my serp belt, specifically that the idler pulley mount wasn't sitting properly (Fixed now). Anyway, took the car for a wash and it must of thrown the belt, which I didn't realise at the time (should of considering there was no power steering and my electrics were...
  8. trav27

    vt overheating at idle, please help!!

    hey guys, i recently changed the water pump and radiator in VT. Tonight it almost overheated at idle, but while driving the temp goes right back down, then goes up again while idling. My guess was the thermostat not opening. Any sugguestions? Ive got a long drive tomorrow so any help at all...
  9. D

    Car randomly overheating

    My car came from Brisbane to Toowoomba fine but i drive out the road and the engine started to overheat. When i got out, orange brown water was coming out from under the right hand side but anyway, i got home completely flushed out all of the rust type mud stuff replaced the coolent to spec but...
  10. V

    VN s1 overheating problem

    Hey i have a 1989 vn executive wagon and it has a new radiator with a cap when i drive for about 5 minutes the egine temp goes to about 3/4 and i can hear the reservoir boiling and when i check the hose coming from the engine it has no water in it at all and i can take the radiator cap off when...
  11. C

    Leaking boot

    I have noticed whenever I open my boot, water drips out and sinks into the back. My spare has become all rusted and useless. Would this be an issue with seals in the boot? *also my car has started to overheat often. What would potential causes of this be? Any assistance is appreciated.