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overheating problem

  1. V

    VE Overheating

    Hi all, I have an 08 VE Wagon Omega and I need some help. The a/c heater stopped working then re circulation button light kept coming on. I'd turn it off it would come straight back on again then after it would start flashing on and off. Then while driving home from work engine temperature...
  2. E

    Overheating after not even 3 mins running....

    Okay guys, my partners car (2007 VE Sedan) is being a defective horrible thing that it is...... We drove it about 250m down the road and it overheated, that was after it sat all night in the garage, it did the same thing yesterday afternoon (that was when the issue began). It has plenty of...
  3. D

    overheating problems

    hi guys hoping someone can help… just recently my vn started to heat up when driving mainly at traffic lights etc. Changed the temp sender and sensor, still heating up over half way and beyond. I checked to see if the fan was coming and it wasn't, i changed the fan over and still no luck. the...
  4. A

    VT - Overheats randomly, Temp Spikes and Drops Quickly After Turning Heater On

    Hi Team, Just recently my commodore has started to play up with the temperature. When driving around town the temperature randomly spikes,dashboard beeps at me and then it goes down quickly after turning the heater on for a minute. The radiator is full of coolant and the fans do come...
  5. B

    Vt v6 Overheating Problem... HELP!

    Hey guys, I have a overheating problem with my vt v6. Ive replaced the heater tap, thermostat, waterpump, radiator cap, overflow bottle and given it a flush. Made sure i bled it properly afterwards. Was running ok, drove today from Bowen to Mackay (bout 200kms) and all was good for 150ks then...
  6. S

    Ve omega overheating

    Hi I have VE 2007 and having trouble with overheating. My. Mechanic almost tried everything. We replaced water pump, Radiator, thermostat, few pipes and finally the motor too. It Been still overheating and at last found the gas converter leaking which is behind the right hand fender. It...
  7. raskalz

    Radiator overheating

    Hey Guys.. i hava a 2002 vx series II and i have had a new radiator installed about 2weeks ago now and ive checked it every 2nd, 3rd day since, 2 days ago it was fine, full radiator fluid where its meant to be, the problem 2day was it over heated when i checked it it had sum yuk greeny sludgy...
  8. I

    VP Series 1 Commodore (Idle is too high?/Overheating problem.)

    Hey was just wondering if anyone knew where to adjust the idle on the vp series 1 w/3.8. Is it up where the throttle cable is on the top? It seems lose like there is no tension but still works when ur using the foot. Apparently it has overheated before and i'm looking for that problem also...
  9. E

    vr radiator problems

    hey guys, having some probs with my radiator??? i checked it the other day and it was empty so i filled it up with fluid.... 2 days later it was empty.... i then pressure tested it and there was no leeks i bought a new radiator cap cause the old 1 wasent holding the pressure..flushed the...
  10. FstStig

    96 VS Overheating Problem

    Hey Guys, I' am new to this forum, but am a long time Holden Fan. I have just recently purchased myself a 96 VS Commodore which only had water in the Radiator at first. I flushed the Radiator out and put in Long Life Coolant. However there were still some leaks which i have fixed by replacing...