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  1. I

    White smoke and an overheating months back. Please read and give opinion

    So i was in an accident earlier this year (around February if I remember correctly). It wasn't a write off and i got my sv6 (LLT) fixed. Mechanically, all it needed was a new radiator as I had front end damage. The place that RAC insurance got the car repaired at (Mandurah Panel and Paint) took...
  2. S

    [NSW] Wh ls1 overheating

    Hi guys. Recently got an wh stato haven't had it for long and have been stitched up with overheating issues. Originally had a leaking heater tap (due to rotted out feed hose end) have since replaced and clean out the hoses. Still the car overheats, basically you take it for a spin for 20mins...
  3. Toothpicks

    WH Statesman overheating.

    So where does the water disappear to. The system is sealed & pressurizes the hoses. There are no puddles under the car. Yet this unit is constantly overheating & drinks about 8 litres of water after it hits the red line. The first couple of times, I refilled it with a "whats going on here"...
  4. T


    My ve 2006 Calais keeps overheating and I’m stuck on why! I was driving it and one of the hoses popped off and coolant went everywhere. Fixed that and it was fine for a few months and now it’s overheating again. I’ve done a flush and changed the coolant, bought a new cap, what else can I try...
  5. B

    VZ coolant leaking from overflow

    I bought an 04 model VZ three days ago, yesterday morning it started to overheat, so I pulled over and made it somewhere safe to top up with water til I got home, when filling the overflow reservoir it pissed everything straight back out. I filled up the radiator, no leaks or heat issues, but...
  6. B

    Overheating issues

    So the about a week ago now I cleaned my cooling system with a flush, and upon refilling and a small drive I noticed I was losing fluid, got home had a small crack in side of radiator plastic (drivers side) so I pulled it all out and replaced it. I had been having troubles with keeping water so...
  7. AussieDave

    VZ Executive Sedan 2005 3.6L Coolant Leak Right Hand Side

    Hi all. I'm hoping someone can help me out. Since my last coolant change I've noticed that I've been loosing coolant after driving it around and it seems to be getting worse. At the moment I'm loosing about 500ml of coolant each day and I don't drive far in it. I had a good look today and the...
  8. M

    VE SS overheating

    Hi guys, My 2008 ve ss 6.0L starting overheating after short drives and i could hear a boiling sound coming from the engine bay. Ive taken it to a mechanic and theyve had the car for 4 days now and still cant work out the problem. Im just wondering if anyone here has had this issue before. So...
  9. Tr3nchy

    VS V6 Ecotec overheating!

    I realise this has been similarly posted before but I’ve been through them all and wanted some personalised advice. My 1996 VS Equipe, is overheating, guy that owned it before me had removed thermo-fan relay and placed a switch from fuse box to dash, it worked well but is really annoying to...
  10. M

    Strange engine noise

    Hey guys, need some help on a diagnosis. My 2005 wagon has been making a unusual noise lately. It started a few weeks ago when I done a coolant flush which resulted in a split hose and over heated twice a few weeks apart. So pretty much since the over heating it's been making a deep "burrrr"...
  11. L

    L67 Overheating Problem

    Hi, I just purchased a 04 VY L67 with overheating problems. When I purchased it the rear hose had a split in it which comes from the thermostat housing. Since then I have replaced the hose and the thermostat which I tested and was not working. I have now flushed the radiator and replaced the...
  12. T27

    VX overheat no thermostat

    Hi everyone , I've seen many posts about overheating but every case is a bit different from another and i wanted to ask for some help. I've bought a VX a couple of weeks ago with 150k km and run well until yesterday , it started overheating , i've stopped and checking around i found a leak...
  13. S

    Hot smell after 10mins running VT executive

    How do get a true reading of the coolant level in radiator... I keep getting a warm smell and afraid of a hose bursting .... Have tried running the fan on cold inside the car ... Seems to help .. But need advise please
  14. Grovdes

    Oil overheating: help!

    Hi! We have a 2002 VY v6, it has been overheating. We replaced the heater valve tap as it was cracked thinking that was the issue but it has not stopped the car from overheating. Coolant is not bubbling over but there is a bubbling noise from the engine oil and smoke. Is there anyone who...
  15. E

    VY Commodore Overheating, Rattling and Not Starting(?)

    I purchased an Automatic VY Holden Commodore last week for $800. At first, it was overheating a lot. It would constantly stall and no longer start for a while. A mechanic jump started the car and said that it'll briefly run (for no more than five minutes) before the metal expands again. Upon...
  16. C

    Vx2 overheating at idle

    My v6 vx2 started overheating a couple of months ago. Found a leak in the radiator so I replaced it. At the same time I flushed the block and heater hoses, and replaced the thermostat and gasket. Bled the system, it ran fine for a couple of weeks then started overheating at idle. Assuming it was...
  17. Tidge

    Sv6 Vz 3.6L alloytech using water

    I brought a 2006 SV6 3.6 alloytech about a month ago and it has some sort of issue with using a bit of coolant. Generally about 200ml on the days i drive it (I am filling from the radiator the next day, not the resivor) ....usually i do about 100ks on an average day. The temp gauage stays at its...
  18. S

    04 Berlina overheated

    My VY v6 Berlina is overheating when in traffic, I find coolant in garage and seems to be dripping from the bell housing and motor bolt together , could this be a welshplug at the rear of the engine if so what next ?
  19. R

    Vs ecotec, losing water and oil but not visibly leaking

    I got a vs ecotec, ive replaced the radiator, top and bottom hoses, thermostat, radiator cap, and water pump. But the overflow tank keeps losing water and isnt visibly leaking. I topped the oil up and went for a drive and checked it again and it was about a half inch below full. Drove the...
  20. L

    VZ Alloytec - coolant boiling in the reservoir

    First off, Hi I'm new here. Driven here through desperation, but here all the same. Second, yes I have searched for threads on this topic and found a few, I feel that my issue is sufficiently different so here I am with a new thread. So I've just picked my car up after a service (200k) and...
  21. J

    commodore boiling over, not showing on temp gauge

    My Vt acclaim series 2 has recently just started boiling over on idle I'm pretty sure. It dumps a **** load of coolent onto the ground and steam comes up through the reservoir, Any advice for this ?? Cheers
  22. L

    Holden Commodore VE 2008 3.6L Coolant Leak Issue

    Car: Holden Commodore VE 2008 60th Anniversary 3.6L A4 Issue: Overheating Suspect cause: Coolant leak? Hi guys, My commodore has been leaking coolant the last few days, and the engine temperature steadily climbs until the 'Engine Temperature' warning message appears. Originally it seemed to...
  23. K

    Water leak

    There is water leaking from above the gearbox through the floor, when it overheated some water leaked into the passenger side floor near the auto gear stick, how do I fix it?
  24. R

    Overheating - odd symptoms

    I have a VZ Crewman ute with the 3.6l alloytec, and its losing coolant but there are no visible leaks. syptoms -Air bubbles coming out coolant filler cap -Occasional rough idle but only on start and sometimes it will go away by itself or after restart -losing coolant/ overheating (obviously)...
  25. B

    VU SS Ute Overheating

    Hi guys I have a SS Fifty 5.7L LS1 which overheated whilst driving along the other day. Have replaced the thermostat, coolant sensor, water pump gaskets, drive and AC belts, the water pump is turning water and fins look fine, did a TK Dye test and it came back negative.the coolant level doesnt...
  26. M

    Vt coolant problem broke down

    Hi guys, I have a 1999 commodore vt and a few days ago the gearbox died in the middle of nowhere had to drive it 150k to a garage. It drove fine but when I went to start it up an hour after driving that far the temp started going up to nearly fully hot then down again. I got a tow and got the...
  27. M

    VX Heating Problem

    hey everyone , I have a 2002 holden vx exectutive , my problem is that the car runs extremely hot , and when I say I mean my thermo fans are on constantly and are also on for a long period of time , and are really noisy , I replaced my radiator due to a leak about 8 months ago and since...
  28. O

    Boiling Radiator - VX Calais

    Hi guys, So a quick trip home results in my VX Calais making boiling sounds from the radiator. I open the hood to see that it has sprayed orange sludgy gunk down the radiator from the cap. There is also the same orange sludge in the overflow and it's hard to tell our much fluid is left. There...
  29. N

    Overheating - is it the head gasket?

    I have a 1998 Holdon Commodore executive V6 automatic and a few weeks ago all of a sudden after driving for 5 minutes the dashboard light up and read hot and the temperature gauge had shot right up. We pulled over straight away and got towed to a garage where they pressure tested the radiator...
  30. B

    Vt v6 Overheating Problem... HELP!

    Hey guys, I have a overheating problem with my vt v6. Ive replaced the heater tap, thermostat, waterpump, radiator cap, overflow bottle and given it a flush. Made sure i bled it properly afterwards. Was running ok, drove today from Bowen to Mackay (bout 200kms) and all was good for 150ks then...
  31. M

    Vx ecotec overheating

    Hi guys, Had this problem for a little while. Originally was leaking too so I've replaced the inlet manifold gasket and over the last few months also the water pump, thermostat, radiator and top and bottom hoses. For a few months I've been getting the intermittent temp spikes and drops, tried...
  32. T

    VR V6 heads on a VP V6 problems

    G'day all, Has anyone else done a head swap from VR to VP or even just done head gaskets and had an overheating problem afterwards? I had a problem with the driver's side head on my '92 VP Toyota Lexcen in which one of the exhaust bolts rattled loose, buggering the thread so i couldn't...
  33. P

    VX Heating Issue

    Hi all, im a newbie here as of today however have been reading posts and forums for a little while especially since getting the issue I have now. Ok long winded story coming up now. I have a VX II wagon, I know stuff all about cars except this week, I have learnt sooooo much thanks to all...
  34. J

    knocking sound

    gday guys so i have a vy acclaim that has about 230k on the clock and its been getting a bit hot lately but not to the point of over heating it usually gets about 3 qtrs of the way before it cools down i found out the fan wasnt working probably and got that fixed but its still does it and ive...
  35. D

    help!! overheating..

    hi, I own a 2007 Chevrolet Lumina LTZ 3.6 v6. Today morning, driving after some 5 miles, it started giving overheat warning. After some inspection i figured out following things.. 1. Low coolant. 2. A pipe ( kinda hose pipe -which, seems to be airtight- from radiator to engine was fell...
  36. W

    Overheating Problems

    Hey Guys, Last night my car overheated in about 5 mins from starting it up after work, i had to take it over to the pits 2 weeks ago so i took it to a mechanic before it went to check over it, the guy said my radiator was leaking so he changed it ( i also changed my termostate 2 weeks before...
  37. S

    Ve omega overheating

    Hi I have VE 2007 and having trouble with overheating. My. Mechanic almost tried everything. We replaced water pump, Radiator, thermostat, few pipes and finally the motor too. It Been still overheating and at last found the gas converter leaking which is behind the right hand fender. It...
  38. O

    The BIG VK Manifold Question!

    Hey Guys, I'm calling in some help on this one. This question will not be for the feint hearted I don't think. I have an 85' VK Commo with the black 202 carby motor. I've done an electronic dizzy conversion; and a Weber 34ADM Conversion (all running sweet). I've replaced the entire...
  39. S

    Omega CD - Commodore VY | Random Overheating

    Hello mates! I'm a old reader of the forums... but now i'm one more member! :) I know that i should be joined before and not just now that I had a problem with my car, but I promise that I'll be more participative. And let me say thank you to the Aussies, for sharing the Commodore with...
  40. D

    VT: Dashboard says it overheats, quickly cools down again, and then repeats. help!

    Hi guys, Really hoping someone could let me know what the most likely cause of this is as I'd love to not have to take it to a mechanic! Not that i'm that mechanically skilled, but if it's just a sensor issue or something, hopefully one of the experts on this site might be able to point me in...