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  1. E

    VE SS - Replaced post o2 sensor - engine light is still on

    I have a VE SS and engine light came on with a P2271 bank1 sensor 2, I replaced the O2 sensor on the driver side and cleared the engine code. Engine code came back on 2 days later with the same code. Could it be the catalytic converter?
  2. K

    Oxygen sensor info ?

    Hey everyone this is my 1st post loving the site! I have an 05 vz executive and have owned it for a month. Very concerned though! I put my foot down and the car feels like its struggling. Its hard to explain, im not the best when it comes to cars and how they work yet! Anyways to cut a...
  3. tHe_sTiG

    How to disable the sensors

    Is it possible to disable all the electronic sensors in my VZ? They're very frustrating, forcing me to take the car to Holden for very minor things, like loose wires.
  4. Z

    Code 64 - LH Oxygen Sensor Lean (O2)

    On my VS, Ive been having issues with it running rough and stalling. On checking the codes I originally got a Code 47 (CAS) I replaced the CAS (which was a bitch to do unfortunately) and to my amazement the orange light came on again as soon as I drove the car again. The car is still running...