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  1. M

    2000 VX commodore v6 auto - P plate mods

    hi all, im new to these forums id like some help. I recently purchased a VX commodore, and id like to install a exhaust system with extractors. Ive gotten a mixed answer in terms of the law with modifications. 1. Do extractors need a engineer's slip? 2. Extractors allowed for P plates in...
  2. snowybill

    P-Plate legal (performance) Mods to 86 VL

    hey guys, ive not long owned my pretty stockage VL. the only performance wise upgrades im aware of are 2.5" straight thru with extractors, and a custom aftermarket chip. (it also has wider than average tyres, the guy that owned it used to do hillclimbing in it) I'm just wondering what...