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p plater

  1. J

    P's mods

    So I have a 2010 VE sv6 (series 2) I'm a apprentice mechanic at a performance shop so I know what I'm doing under the bonnet but my question is what should I do whilst on my P's to have a tough lil 6 banger and "try" still be legal. I don't mind dropping good amounts of cash on it so I'm...
  2. W

    Is a VY Ute for me??

    Hey, so I've always loved Holden Utes and I really want to get one. I'm a p plater and currently driving around a Mitsubishi but I'm hoping to upgrade in about 6 months and I want a nice ute. I want some suggestions on what I should get but it has to be a V6 due to the fact that I am a p plater...
  3. jayden.2.2

    My '07 Berlina

    Name: Jayden Model: 2007 VE Berlina Sedan Colour: Nickel Engine: 3.6L Alloytec V6 Exhaust: X-Force 2 1/4 Stainless Steel Cat-Back Gearbox: 4 speed Auto Suspension: Stock Wheels/Tyres: Advanti Injection - 20 x 8.5 Body: Stock Other Mods: Tinted windows, bee sting antenna, calais...
  4. C

    - My VR Commy -

    -Built not Brought- -VR Commodore Executive 1994 Automatic- My names Dave and this is my 94' Commy. Bought Stock as a rock minus the 19" mags and a cat to tail pipe exhaust (standard tailpipe)...(Had the 19s with standard height was such a 4wd) Originally I HATED the mags but they quickly...
  5. D

    First car (VT) cheap mods, help!?!?!?

    Hey, i'm 18 and I have a Vt and just want to do some cheap mods as i'm very low on cash. want to do thwm performance or looks wise. Open so anything! So far I have: - taken paint off so I have a chrome grill - new number plate lights - new headlight bulbs today - came lowered at the back...
  6. C

    [QLD] supercharged v6 qld p platers.

    hello all im new to this forum. I'm getting my p's next week. with the new rule to allow p platers to have a forced induction car on your p's as long as its under 125kw/t. i was just thinking has anyone got a supercharged vy calais or cv6 manaro approved. because i don't want to buy one and only...
  7. S

    P-plater performance mods any ideas?

    I'm a red p plater with a VS V6 lexcen. I wouldn't mind a few upgrades to give the ol girl a bit more power n acceleration. Anyone got any ideas? Bearin in mind the budgets not overly great. Cheers
  8. Bitz R Broken

    Custom boot....

    so this is what happens when a bullbar connects with the back of a commodore,, commodore was stopped bullbar was doing 60-70k's
  9. N

    Nathaniel's VX S pack series 2

    Hey guys I'm pretty new to this ths site... just kinda gettin used to using it :P Just thought I'd show off my pride and joy... its not much but its a start... Name: Nathaniel Barra Age: 19 Model: 2002 VX S Pack S2 Colour: Red Engine: V6 Ecotec- Painted Engine Cover, 10mm Leads, Bosch...
  10. B

    VY Berlina vs BA XLS ute help

    Hey look i've got a mate at school with a XLS ute with John Bowe extractors... not adding much power I knnow... any way I have a completely stock standard VY berlina, I'm keen to beat his car and I really have no clue how to do it... myself not being very mechanically minded, however, cars have...
  11. clarmatt

    P1 passanger restrictions should they stay or go?

    i have been hearing that the passanger restrictions for p1 drivers in VICTORIA are going to be thrown out.... any one heard the same?? whats your tak...? should they stay or should they go? if you have any links to official web pages saying it let me know??