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  1. abuch47

    Any idea what this exhaust is?

    Found a second hand exhaust was told it was hsv but clearly not. Thinking its pacies 4 into 1 headers but dont know the others and seller cant help.

    3" pacemaker systems how loud

    i just went and purchased a 2nd hand full pacemaker 3" system with cats and 1 7/8 headers , now from ringing a couple shops in perth , reckon they are deeper than xforce, crisp sound Now this is going on cammed ve clubsport, how loud are these systems and any drone?? I hope it sounds good but...
  3. Mattde

    Pacemaker Headers?

    Has anyone fitted pacemaker headers to their VZ Alloytec? Pro's? Con's? I may be able to get my hands on some second-hand ones for cheap and was wondering if its worth the investment. Are they easy enough to DIY? Will it need a tune? I know these are all pretty basic questions, but the...
  4. speed__demond

    vs statesman 304 engine go in with extractors on??

    hey all got a new 304 goin in the vs stato. got me sum tri-y pacemakers will she slide in nicely with the extractors attached? if anyones done it on a vr/vs with the varible rack let me know thanks.

    [LS2] Opinions: worth going twin 3''

    I have a twin 2.5'' Manta S/S hotdog-muffler system on my cammed VZ Maloo Ute. Have pacemaker headers and hiflo cats. Now ive been thinking of going 3'' as the 2.5'' sounds good but lacks some bass and volume. Would a twin 3'' be more ballsy ? is there much difference id notice by changing ....
  6. Jonesy40

    [WA] VE Pacemaker Headers and Cats

    ITEM: VE v8 Pacemaker 4-1 Headers and Manta Hi Flow Cats LOCATION: Nollamara WA CONDITION: Used approx 30,000km old PRICE: $650.0 Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up Only PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email me [email protected], or MSG/Call 0427 879 473...
  7. itchy123

    [VIC] Pacemaker 5009 VN-VR V6 Exractors + Y Piece And Cateran High Flo Catalytic Converter

    ITEM: Pacemaker 5009 VN-VR V6 Exractors + Y Piece And Cateran High Flo Catalytic Converter LOCATION: Vic , Bayswater North CONDITION: Used But In Very Good Condition PRICE: $450 ono prefer to sell together but will split DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION:pick up or will post message me...
  8. Kierab

    Pacemaker extractors from a manual VR to a Auto VS

    What the title says Will they fit? Ty in advance!:thumbsup:
  9. Pos

    Exhaust wrap for Pacemakers

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has done it themselves, used exhaust wrap on there V8 Pacemakers & how much difference did it make to under bonnet temps & how much did you use? I'm not sure if a 50ft roll is enough for a pair of 5l Pacies for mr VR? :idea3:
  10. H

    [NSW] Vr/vs v6 2.5" sports exhaust pacemaker, lukey muffler, vr/vs parts, sub box

    LOCATION: NSW Wagga Wagga 2650 CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up, Will Help With Delivery For Buyers Expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Funds Transfer CONTACT DETAILS: Reece 0423 196 495 -------------------------------------------- ITEM: VR V6 Complete Exhaust...
  11. C

    Pacemaker Long Tube Headers.

    I have a request for any vendor or able person. I need the dimensions of these headers to see if they fit my engine bay. It seems theyre very common. I need to know basically how far they stick out from the heads and what the width(including the gaps between the pipes) are. Best Mufflers the...
  12. somefool

    [SA] WTB: EXTRACTORS to suit VN V6 1991

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: extractors & matching y-piece to fit series 2 VN 6. My passenger side header has cracked in the usual spot so I'm looking to get some decent less restricting extractors. Screw spewing up $500 for a set new definitely prefer second hand . $200-250 mark if...
  13. V

    [VIC] Wrecking vn s2 Lots of good bits LSD calais trim pacemakers hi stall

    Hey guys got a vn s2 v6 that was supercharged but mate sold the supercharger and I am wrecking the car now for a few bits have the following bits leftover for sale. Vn v8 lsd diff --- SOLD --- 1 inch master cylinder great for vt conversion gives you a beter pedal. $70 Exchaust...