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  1. A

    VE front and rear spring seat insulators and sound proofing the inner guards

    Trying to find some lower spring seats for the front and rears struts is cooking my lid hard. Help a brother
  2. B

    Questions about changing rotors

    Hi Guys, I've replaced my front rotors and was able to do it all with no major drama... or so I thought. Everything went in fine and worked well, however when the car is jacked up, the front wheels do not spin freely. I am assuming this is not normal, right? They spin a little but then...
  3. J

    VE Omega - Brake Pads and Rotors

    I've got a 2009 Omega Sedan 6cyl. I know the brake pads are getting down, and I have a bit of shudder when I brake going down hills, so I know the rotors are a bit warped too. Out of below, what is the best option to go for? 1. Machine existing rotors and get new standard pads for VE...
  4. C

    Removing warped and Rusted Rotors

    Hi, So a few months ago, I attempted to swap out my rotors to install the new shiny, non-warped set. Turns out that the rotor is rusted to the hub. I've Tried WD40, then RP70 in behind the bolts, a sledgehammer, mallet, but still nothing. I asked for an estimate at a mechanics, and they said...
  5. Pav

    [WA] VB-VN 4 Rotors/Pads Brand New $120

    ITEM: VB-VN (4) Front and Rear solid rotors, come with free brake pads LOCATION: Joondalup, WA CONDITION: New in packaging (still with packing grease) PRICE: ~$120 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] or PM me OTHER INFO: Never...
  6. L

    Buzzing Brakes

    Hey Guys - A little help please Have just fitted new Rotors and Pads All round. Slotted at the front and Drilled/Slotted at the rear. The Mechanic/Qualified (Good Friend) has done this for me. The Problem is (When I say problem I mean annoyance more than anything) There is a constant...
  7. Friction

    [QLD] Trade: Rotors, Pads & VR Dash Fitted

    ITEM: I have a VP which needs new rotors and pads for the rear and new rotors for the front fitted, as well as some help installing a complete VR dash. Most of the VR dash has been installed but I need to get all the electrics to work. I have 2 front and 2 rear rotors as well as 2 rear pads...