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paint respray price cost

  1. CJAff

    Spray Painting and Panel Work in the Illawarra?

    Does anyone know anywhere in the Illawarra (lets say between Thirroul & Kiama) that do resprays? All I'm looking to get done, is front & rear HBD bumper lips painted, and preferably fitted.
  2. R


    Hi All, long time viewer first time registered. I have a VR Calais, and I would like to get it resprayed. My friends are telling me I'm an idiot and it's going to cost a lot of money. However when i got this car, it had a motor that has only done 100k, I just had the gearbox reconditioned at...
  3. V

    respray quote??????????????

    hey ive recently bought a 2000 vt exec s2 and was just curius about how much a respray would cost?? any painters out there that could help???? cheers