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  1. JACKO4590

    Interior painted - Show me what you have done

    Ok so I want to paint all of my dash and any plastic areas inside the car. I know what i am roughly going with colour choice but I want to know what others have done and what they look like. A lot of the order post don't have pictures anymore on the forums so I want to know how good is it...
  2. ReaperTBS

    Changing Colour of VE Calais Leather Seats

    Hello again, everyone. Just curious to know whether anybody here either knows of an effective, lasting way to change the colour of the interior leather, or has done it themselves. I'm considering changing from the cream interior colour scheme to black. I've read that the top few layers may...
  3. J

    Degreaser streak stain help

    I was using degreaser on my car to remove a stain which it succeeded in doing but I must not having washed all the degreaser off and it dried on the paint leaving a couple of streaks, does anyone know how to remove these stains? Thanks
  4. L

    Painting Mirrors

    Hi all. Are the painted sections of the door mirrors removable, without having to remove the mirrors from the doors? I'd like to repaint them as the clear coat is going.
  5. outlander

    Spray painting parts for rust protection

    Hiyall What paint is good, easy and cheap to use on parts? I've been doing some suspension work, and things like the lower control arm are looking a little rusted. I'd like to give to give them a touch up to stop them rusting any further, but the most I know about spray paint is to stay away...
  6. L

    Annoying parking dent prevention??

    Hi all, could anyone help with ideas to prevent having car side dented by careless idiots that park too close and smash there car door into yours, anything on Ebay any good suggestions for protector strip or something that could protect panels ??
  7. Ballzup

    VH paint codes

    Hi all. I have a dark blue over silver VH SL/E and just received an email from my painter that the ID Tags aren't on the car and he needs the paint codes. I think the official names for the colours are Indigo Blue and Mercury. Does anyone have the paint codes for these colours? If you could...
  8. B

    HSV Shadow Chrome Process

    Hi, I currently have a set of HSV VZ R8 19" wheels in shadow chrome and I'm looking to have them refinished. I am located in the United States and its been difficult to locate a shop familiar with the shadow chrome paint process. I've been searching the Internet high and low to find real...
  9. Ballzup

    Two Tone VH stripe measurements.

    Hi all. Just had a call from my panel shop. They've measured the stripe for my VH and found that it's different on each side at the front. If anyone out there has a two tone VH with original paint could you please post some high res pics of the stripe in reference to the front indicator...
  10. T

    car egging

    Hey there. So two weeks ago my car got egged just like every other car down my street. I cleaned what I thought was all the egg but apon cleaning the car today I see that I have missed a few bits. The paint around it seems to have cracked and I'm worried about the paint work. Is there any way I...
  11. Ballzup

    Respray Costs

    Hi all, I'm after a bit of info regarding the cost of a respray. I have a vh SLE that's never been in an accident. Some surface rust on the boot, bonnet and roof. Deeper rust just in the top of the boot jam and the battery plate. One larger dent under the drivers door and a few...
  12. dashdown98

    Painting Speaker Pods?

    I had VS Commodore speaker pods installed into my VP recently. I tried to match up the colours as best I could but the blue interior of my car is a lot darker than the pods I installed. Is there somewhere I could get vinyl paint matched up to my darker blue? Or just paint them red like my roof...
  13. T

    Paint chips

    alright guys, i know this has been posted a million times before but, yesterday i was polishing my car and saw a spot on the door where 4wd door has hit it, the previous owner has got one of those paint pens for the touch up and used way too much and has run down about an inch further than...
  14. Jaz11

    Fixing Stone Chips

    Hi again. Just chasing some quick advice on best way to fix stone chips on my front bar and hood. Ive bought some colour matched paint from Autobarn and touched them up in the past and while it looks better than white chips on a red hood its still noticeable up close (and if you're OCD like...
  15. L

    2012 VE SV6, Clear Coat Peeling?

    Hi all, i have a 2012 ve sv6 in hazard yellow, i bought in early Jan. Recently ive noticed that the front bumper is actually a lighter shade, and that the clear coat in quite a few spots has started to peel. i was looking closely at it today after i washed in and saw yellow paint on the...
  16. iaydemir

    Epoxy coating a garage floor

    I've bought my first home, and want to coat the garage floor whilst its clean/empty. It's a new property, the concrete was poured over 3 months ago so its ready to be coated. USA seems to have a huge variety of DIY Epoxy kits that include base coat, flakes, clear and all required tools for...
  17. L

    black vy ute touch up

    I'm looking for somewhere in SA to give my ute's paint a new lease of life for a low price. Just want the same colour to get rid of scratches (no dents). It's pretty straight just few dings around wheel arches and around the top of the bay. Anyone got any suggestions and an idea of cost?
  18. L

    Interior Painting

    Ok, I'm new to this website and to be honest I cant be bothered going through all the old threads about painting my VZ interior... I've pretty much already sussed out how to paint my interior, buffing, primer, wait a bit, next coat, blah blah. I'm really just chasing tips I guess. My VZ is blue...
  19. djdomohudson

    What are these marks?

    Hey, I was without my car for about two weeks and when I picked it up it was filthy. You know what mechanics are like, leaning on your white commodore with their dirty oily gloves/hands and stained clothes... But the problem is in the picture here They are sort of orange brown in...
  20. tHe_sTiG

    Protection against sun UV rays? Help please?

    Hi all, Dad and I live in Saudi Arabia. Paint of the cars here takes a good beating from the sun, very high UV index in the summer. Fortunately, I've got a shade where I can keep my VZ Commodore parked in the whole day. Dad's not so fortunate, he's got no shade whatsoever at his workplace...
  21. A

    Restoration: Spray paint options in Northern melbourne

    Hi All, I recently purchased a VK with the intention of doing a bit of home resto (including re spray). But i have just been offered a job in which a fully maintained vehicle is part of the base salary which means I can now sell my jap-crap daily. The plan os to throw whatever money I make off...
  22. V

    Painting VE stock rims

    Tomorrow I'm painting my stock rims, they're patchy and I'm over it, so I'm painting them white on the surface and gloss black on the inside and dish. Note my VE is White and I've painted my calipers blue. If anybody would like to see any photo's let me know and I'll show you the progress :)
  23. V

    Looking for a cheap respray in melbourne

    Hey guys, can anyone do me a cheap respray? i have a fairly straight vs spac commodore and just want a simple 2 pak re spray
  24. J

    Paint Codes IDEA FOR FORUMN

    Hey guys, New to the forumn, had a bit of an idea and need a bit of help. Basically looking for everyone to chip in with posts. Ive got a car now, first one, and am gonna repaint when the time comes and found it quite difficult to find the correct code. Im suggesting everyone post a pic of...
  25. Hazard-ous

    Paint codes?

    Can anyone please tell me where I can find paint codes? Apparently it could be located on the car - cant seem to find anything online. Im looking for the codes for HAZARD.
  26. T

    Boot lid rubbing on rear bumper

    Hey all, I have noticed a bit of rubbing where the boot lid bottom edge meets the rear bumper cover. The paint on the boot lid edge is almost worn to the primer. anyone else had this issue? cheers, Timmo
  27. P

    Painted Dash and Engine Bay on my VT Commodore

    Heres a couple pics of the my painted dash and engine bay. Let know what you think and can you let me know if you have any other ideas of things I can do.
  28. D

    Can someone spray my car? NSW

    hey guys, im looking for someone to respray the outside of my car, its a holden gemini. Just wondering if anyones avaliable in NSW, i dont mind travelling. and a rough price if possible.
  29. P

    Painting My Holden Badge

    Hey to start i didnt really know where the right place to post would be, just wondering peoples opinions on painting the lion black on the back of a Phantom Black VE ? would it look a bit silly? Cheers
  30. Kierab

    Touch Up paint, where, how.

    So pretty much Ive got a few nice black marks on my bumpers where they've been scraped and/or hit, nothing serious, but im hesitant on using just normal spray paint, dulux white gloss i think it is, as i wont it to match pretty well. How would i go about this? Do alot of the big car shops...
  31. barra218

    [QLD] wtb vt dash parts

    DESCRIPTION: WTB ITEM: VT Dash Fascia top and bottom, the plastic surround for the auto gear shifter, the little pocket with the spring door below the cd player and the plastic behind the center console around the rear aircon vents LOCATION: QLD Ingham CONDITION: Good enough to get painted...
  32. tHe_sTiG

    Do I need to polish my car?

    Hi guys, My VZ Commodore Executive has the factory quicksilver metallic paint. I'm just wondering if I need to polish / wax it every now and then, or if this sort of paint doesn't need polishing. If it does need polishing, which brand do you recommend, and how often should I polish it?
  33. N

    [VIC] Rim Repair - VZ Clubsport (sout east melbourne)

    hey guys, previous owner of my hsv vz clubsport stuffed one of the rims real bad. no cracks, just a light scuff the whole way around the rim [email protected] anyone know of a good place in melbourne ( south east ) to get a rim repair ? **got a quote today from some place near dandy & quoted $250...
  34. J


    Hi guys, I am always reading this forum and learning heaps of stuff, but have never posted here before. So here goes... Hopefully this is relevant to this forum as i haven’t really seen any airbrushing topics, so feel free to move/delete the thread. I just wanted to show you some of my...
  35. D

    My Guide: Painting Brake Calipers (Pictures)

    For a step by step guide go to painting calipers on VE go to http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/general-discussion/155576-my-guide-caliper-painting-easy.html
  36. D

    My Guide: Caliper Painting EASY

  37. N

    Colour choices

    Ok so I'm getting an ss bodykit for my series II acclaim and am stuck on whether to just paint the kit the original colour which is kind of a metalic orangy colour(not to sure of the actual name) or get a full respray in a different colour. I was thinking a black, red or poison ivy green.
  38. DAVIDC

    [VIC] 4 litres of Custom VE Purple Automotive Paint

    ITEM: 4 litres of Custom VE Purple Automotive Paint, When I say custom it has a bit more blue pearl through it, looks amazing. Full tub, never used. LOCATION: Victoria, Melbourne, Rowville, 3178 CONDITION: New PRICE: $150 Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or delivery...
  39. J

    painting the rims

    hello world, i got a black ve sv6...the stock alloys aren't bad...so thinking about painting them black too for now instead of upgrading them. has anyone done this yet? how much should it cost? and what do you think in general? so far wheelworx in adelaide quote 700$ for 4 rims +...
  40. C

    ve red hot paint

    hi guys done some research on this on the site already but still not sure. i have put an order in for the ve ss-v redline ute and have ordered the red hot with red interior. My question is does thr redhot paint from holden get clear coated so it shouldn't fade or is it just a solid paint that...