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  1. D

    Repair VY - Bonnet and Front Panel Swaps With VZ etc?

    Hi everyone, Would really appreciate some help with something - I have a VY Commodore I need to get a new 1. front bumper panel 2. bonnet and 3. right front panel for. Given I'm on a students budget I'm trying to see if I could increase my options to finding a (wrecked or otherwise) cheap old...
  2. J

    Guard Rolling Issue

    I have ordered 20x10 rear wheels and my ve sv6 is lowered on king springs sssl all round... I have a strong feeling I'm going to need to not only stretch tyres to get them to fit, but roll my rear guards at least as well... The problem is... one of my rear guards has had repairs done and...
  3. S

    [NSW] Wtb vl calais parts

    DESCRIPTION: VL Calais interior, side panels, rear panel, rear lights, front lights ITEM: In description LOCATION: NSW, Wollongong CONDITION: New or Used, must be in reasonable condition DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel to pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Preferably cash on pick...
  4. DmanVT

    Pictures of boot boot installs/ sound systems post here

    I would like to get a thread of just boot installs for sound systems or whatever people have hiding in their boots. and any comments on mine would be appreciated :P haha Thanks all :D Before: After:
  5. Kierab

    Calling all panel beaterzzzzz

    how much do you reckon getting this fixed would set me back not too worried about the bumper, can live with the crack, but yer, the rectangle panel under the rear right light is pretty messed i was quoted 500 for the panel, bumper, all painted anyway, heres the pics
  6. H

    How Much am i looking @?

    Hi there, Can someone tell me if they have a fair idea on how much it would cost to spraypaint my 1995 holden commodore vs station wagon? (and it might need to have the kit on it put on more properly.) The color at the moment is white and i would like it to be a nice green metalic color...
  7. P

    Kick Panel Part Number

    Hey quick question, can anyone give me a part number for the 'Kick Panel' as I call it (panel above the front passenger's feet, that covers wiring etc below the glove box)? It is for an 06 Acclaim if they differ at all between models. Need to order a new one as somehow it was left out of the car...