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  1. M

    VY S2 Calais bonnet on a VY SS S1?

    G'day. Unlike the username might suggest (changed cars) I have a quicksilver VY SS with some badly damaged paint on the bonnet. I'm always keeping my eye out on various sites to find a wrecking VY bonnet but can't seem to find one in quicksilver. I understand you can't really fit a VZ bonnet...
  2. D

    Repair VY - Bonnet and Front Panel Swaps With VZ etc?

    Hi everyone, Would really appreciate some help with something - I have a VY Commodore I need to get a new 1. front bumper panel 2. bonnet and 3. right front panel for. Given I'm on a students budget I'm trying to see if I could increase my options to finding a (wrecked or otherwise) cheap old...
  3. L

    Annoying parking dent prevention??

    Hi all, could anyone help with ideas to prevent having car side dented by careless idiots that park too close and smash there car door into yours, anything on Ebay any good suggestions for protector strip or something that could protect panels ??
  4. A

    VS Calais versus Executive/Berlina Fender

    Hey guys I'm brand new to just commodores and have just bought a VS Calais with a crushed right hand front guard. Just wondering if the whole shape and size of the calais guard is the same as the normal executive and berlina ones so i know what donor car I can get to suit fixing up my Calais...
  5. L

    VR Statesman Quarter Panel

    Hi all, I'm after a rear quarter panel for my VR Statesman, wondering how hard they are to get off, and how much i should be paying. Cheers
  6. K

    VX R8 Clubsport parts???

    Hey I recently bought a vx R8 Clubsport and the spoiler has been pulled off the boot and done a bit of damage to the boot lid, i am having trouble finding a new boot lid and spoiler and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I'd like to get the part as close to brisbane as...