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park lights

  1. S

    Park light fuse keeps blowing ?????, changed relay. Same problem.

    Blowing fuses, even if the rear plug for the tail lights is disconnected and the front park bulb taken out. Please advise.
  2. K

    VX Park lights not working

    Need help! I have recently purchased a 2001 VX Acclaim with several issues which I intended to fix. I am down to the last issue before a WOF and can't figure it out. Front Parking lights are not working (rear are fine). I have replaced the bulbs and the fuse. Any ideas what else this could be?
  3. V

    VE2 Omega Park Lights

    I've got some after market LED bulbs to replace the standard park light bulbs - so the wife can see which of the 10 or so VE/VE2s at the train station at night is ours. However I can not work out how to get the current bulb mounts out...I've watched a video on doing this very change for a VE...
  4. sIIVY_tommy

    VY parker bulbs and and attachments (headlights)

    g'day all, just a general question (cant find in search) i bought a pair of black vy SS headlamps and being a vy with the teardrop parker they didnt send me the long black plastic attachment for the bulbs, i cant use the oringinals because they snaped when i had a bing, i can post a pic if im...
  5. S

    Removal of vs headlight assembly

    just bought a vs commodore (no workshop manual!),but to get a RWC,i've gotta fix the park lamps (pass. side). Sussed it out and theres no bulb/light/wedge holder and the wires (green &black?) have been cut back so that you can see them,but cant qiute grab them. Have been trying to take...
  6. jonwilliams76

    Dash Lights Daytime

    Is there away to turn on the dash lights fulltime without having the lights on...