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part number

  1. G

    Need a 2011 VE Clubsport Black Edition Part Number

    Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find it online. Does anyone know the part numbers for the 2011 VE Clubsport Black Edition: Bonnet Scoops Fender Vents Black Badge Set (or individual) Boot/Spoiler? Example parts...
  2. saif abushanab

    VX SS Some quistions??

    I bought used ss 2002 175,000km ( here in saudi arabia it called chevrolet lumina ss not holden commodore vx ss, it's all the same ) I tuned a little: added 2 hood redlines, changed seats leather to red. But i still need some answers:- Original acdelco sparks pulgs and spark wires part number...
  3. C

    Part Numbers - VY Berlina

    Hey all, I am trying to get the VY Berlina up to scratch by fixing some of the broken components. I have ordered a new fuel cap and glove box limiters (92189069) off eBay but I also need the following and haven't managed to find them anywhere. Any chance somebody would know the part codes...
  4. BigBoss

    Part Number for Chrome Boot Strip?

    Hey all, I was looking in to getting a Chrome boot strip But JHP seems to be a little over priced so i was going to ask holden what they could do it for. So does anyone have a part number for it?? Thanks
  5. pow3rslave

    injectors the same between vs v8 and vn/vp v8?

    my vs s1 v8 needs a new set of injectors, but i can't find any stock vs v8 ones on ebay, some remanufacturing place said they'd have some in soon, but that the vn/vp ones they had didn't flow enough. anyone know if this is accurate, or have access to some part numbers to confirm this.
  6. P

    Kick Panel Part Number

    Hey quick question, can anyone give me a part number for the 'Kick Panel' as I call it (panel above the front passenger's feet, that covers wiring etc below the glove box)? It is for an 06 Acclaim if they differ at all between models. Need to order a new one as somehow it was left out of the car...