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  1. sundaydriver

    [SOLVED] What is this and how does it work?

    Can't figure out what this does. The little piston doesn't seem to extend far enough to touch the accelerator lever, so not sure what it does. Also, because I don't know what it's called/does, I don't know what to Google! '83 VH Blue 3.2 202.
  2. G

    vt/vy parts

    hey i have a v8 vy wreck so im currently putting motor in my v6 vt but was trying to find if there was any differance in parts eg shocks and stuff or will that all go straight in my vt. im kinda new to this whole car thing but yea. thx:beer chug: p.s also wanted to know if i can put diff...
  3. Peter89

    [VIC] VN throttle body, seat rail; VL gas strut.

    ITEM: VN throttle body CONDITION: Used, has working sensors. missing throttle linkage. PRICE: $50 ONO ------------------------------------------------------------- ITEM: VN drivers seat rail, left part. CONDITION: Used but good condition. PRICE: offers...