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  1. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] Catch Can, PCV Modifications & UHF Radio Install Questions

    Hi everyone, I've been doing a couple of things with my '04 VZ (SV6) since I've had it, and have been seeing posts and hearing people talk about PCV clogging issues which ultimately lead to a higher risk of timing chain issues. Now, my car happens to have 170K km's on the clock and...
  2. Berlina&Jag guy

    PCV or MAP sensor issues not sure what’s next to try fix.

    Shortly after doing a service on my 06 alloytec the check powertrain warning came up and so I used a cheapo OBD2 dongle to find the fault and got a reading of P0105: Manifold Absolute Pressure/ Barometric Pressure Circuit. Most people seem to say that this usually indicates a vacuum leak and...
  3. N

    [LS3] LS3 PCV Setup Advice

    Hi All, Does anyone have any advice on the PCV piping/hose setup on an LS3 dropped into an earlier model Commodore? I have my LS3 crate motor ready to drop into my VY SS Sedan, but can't find factory hoses that match the fitting locations on the engine. Have people made their own...
  4. L

    [VR-VS] How to: Replacing the PCV Valve on a VR V6 Commodore (March 1994 Model)

    This guide will help you replace the PCV Valve or Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve in a VR V6 Commodore (March 1994 model) For this guide to work you must first remove the Alternator as described below, this will get you better access to the big nut that holds the PCV valve in, using a...
  5. B

    PCV on VY V6 Ute

    Does any one know a link to a how to guide for replacing the PCV Valve on a '02 VY V6? Cheers,
  6. S

    pressurised sump on my supercharged VP V6 and i cant find the PCV to replace it

    Hi everyone i just put a sc14 csr blower on to my vp v6 in my hilux, im having issues with pressurising the sump, i got a new pcv valve but i cant find where it is to replace it i also vented the rocker cover to help but its just spewing oil out and the dip stick geeps popping out even after i...
  7. T

    Problems with PCV pipe?

    Hey guys just wondering what a blocked PCV valve will cause??