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  1. Keesh

    [Other] PEDDERS 2275 SPRINGS

    ITEM: PEDDERS SPORTSRYDER #2275L/R SPRINGS (slightly lower than KING superlow on V8, will be similar to superlow on V6) LOCATION: QLD, Australia wide postage CONDITION: Used for 15 months PRICE: $110 FIRM, Postage is an additional $30 Flat rate due to the weight. DELIVERY/PICK UP...
  2. C

    ride heights and ground clearance

    hi all, Does anyone know the ground clearance / ride height of a vf ssv ute m6? For some reason 154mm rings a bell.
  3. A

    Steering problems - VU II SS

    Update posted on 19th March <-- Click here or find post #7 Hello everyone, Sorry that my first post is a question, you probably get this a lot from new members. With your advise I'll take action and promise to reply to this thread with the results. I have a VU II SS and the steering pulls to...
  4. J

    Anoooottthhheeeerrr LOWERING question.

    Can you guys please post a pic of the back end of the car with SL springs? As I have some pedders and mine sit a bit low, not sure if they are SL, or SSSL What is the most common and safe (legal-ish) way to have a car sitting on back, over the tyre by a bit? Thanks guys! :)
  5. J

    Question about lowering a VT commodore?

    Hey, I own a VT commodore, and just put some Pedders on front and back, dropped the car a fair bit. 100mm is available. My question is, I would like to go a bit higher, without taking out my springs, I just want it to sit nicely. I currently have 15" stockies on. What I want to know is, if I...
  6. Holden vz

    removing vz rear springs

    need help on how to remove and instal rear springs on vz sedan
  7. Holden vz

    Pedders lowering springs

    i just bought some lowering springs for my vz commodore that is already lowered , but the lowered springs on the rear of my car are cylinder shaped and the spring i got from pedders are more round shaped, just wanted to know if they fit or not before i try to put them on
  8. C

    Question about Suspension

    I've recently purchased a set of peddars lowered suspension (springs no shocks) and am looking to add them to my VT Com. If I am to go from standard stock coils to lowered do i need to get the camber readjusted? also is their anything else i need to get looked at whether it be lower profile...
  9. DmanVT

    Vt Commodore Sedan Lowered - Pedders touring springs - ride assist air bags

    Hi all i have a new mod in mind for my vt, I was wondering if i got pedders touring springs in the rear of my vt and put in the ride assist airbags if the bags would jack it up enough to give the look of airbags and to help get over speed humps, i went to pedders and asked them and they seemed...
  10. speed__demond

    how low wagon?

    i have a vr commy wags.. wanna lower it looking at pedders sports ryders?? i can get them fairly cheap but i dont want them to be too high or too low i want around superlows anyone have pics of theirs?
  11. 1SIKR8

    Pedders Buster For The Fakes They Are !

    watching a current affair last night was was gald to see pedders exposed for the fakes that they are :rofl2: they tried ripping me away from $5000 :banstick: when really at my local holden dealer told me i only needed to replace my bushs .. not = * my entire power steering unit * strut...
  12. S2_VR_

    For The Sake Of Lowering!!...about IRS and Live axle i need some help...please

    Hi guys, i have a VR executive With "Live Axle".....and i just bought a VR Calais Shell with New (1500k's) Pedders suspension all round.....my question is i am wanting to transfer the lowered suspension from the calais to the executive....but the question is what can i transfer???.... i...