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  1. K

    Vy Sedan offset

    Hi all. I have a 2003 vy Ss cammed and all the nice stuff, Bits Now i currently have VE HSV PENTAGONS 9.5"(staggered, running 275/30R20 back and 245/30R20 in the front... so i am maxed out on guard space :).... but i want to get new rims with some dish. Now i have the rims i want but im trying...
  2. hsv453

    [VIC] HSV Z Series Clubsport - Sting red, cam, otr, exhaust, lowered **CLOSED**

    ITEM: 2005 HSV Z Series Clubsport. Build number 0453 in sting red. I am in no rush to sell this as i love my clubby. If i don't sell it i will be happy either way. Reason for selling is that i am after something more luxury. PRICE: $30,000 neg LOCATION: Mildura, VIC YEAR: 2005 SERIES: Z...