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performance increase

  1. J

    Exhaust System VY

    I have a VY Series 2 Calais and I want to get an exhaust system thats got a loud-ish sound, deep note but thats not to loud so that it won't get cops bugging me and so it won't do my head in when I'm cruising. Don't think I need a stainless system, I live in Victoria and the hottest it gets...
  2. V

    Should i upgrade exhaust? Anyone done the same as me on a V6?

    My first car(grey V6 3.8L VY executive series 2) is nice but im a little dissapointed on the pick up so i was looking to upgrade the exhaust as i have been told that it is the best bang for buck as far as increased power but i have also read that it will mess with the ECU and i wont get any...
  3. J

    Do the performance chips on ebay actually work????

    As the title says, im just wondering if the chips on ebay actually work. They say that they add up to 15kw's but is that true? Just wanted to hear from some people on this because i know you can get chips done, but that costs a fortune, so seeing if this cheap option works :)
  4. C

    VN performance mods

    without sounding like too much of a tightarse, i was wondering what the best way to add HP for under 500 bucks to my VN? not too mech/tech minded. currently has 2.5 catback, pacemaker extractors on the way. also has manual buick 3.8 in it, S1. not trying to make a drag beast, just want to get...
  5. R

    VT Supercharged - power up advice

    I'm looking for guidance on increasing street performance of my standard supercharged VT. Considered increase though changing supercharger pulley, chip change, exhaust enhancement, combination or other. What is worth doing for a few thou spend to deliver best bang for bucks....located...