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performance upgrade

  1. SlowwVy

    Need Advice on what Mods to go with Ecotec V6

    Currently seeking to push a little more power out of my V6 Eco-tec, talked to some people and read many forums and ive came to a conclusion on my parts as I dont want to go over 2K have a twin full exhaust on at the moment. 25mm manifold insulator - $220 12mm plenum spacer - 150 1.9:1 ratio...
  2. C

    Supercharger upgrading

    Hey guys, I have a 03 series II VY and I was looking at performance upgrades, particularly the supercharger. I was wondering if anyone knew the maximum PSI you can run safely with the stock system? Thanks in advance.
  3. Y

    VS Manual V6 Performace overhaul please

    just bought a new toy VS V6 Manual sedan tad iffy on KM's @300,000km put put tho never been flogged solid service history looking at at so AIR INTAKE -70mm TB, - intake manifold (spacers? bored out? new designed one?), Cold air intakes? HEADS - cams? rockers ?(1.95) rods ? lifters?, biggger...
  4. S

    Lookin for some tips on L67

    Hey guys I've just bought myself an L67 to put into my VS its from a VY and its been ported and polished and shaved 10 thou i was just lookin for some opinions on what else i should get done i'm no expert so any help would be great
  5. V

    Need some power ! Help me?

    Hey everyone i got my VY sedan a few weeks ago and ive got some money together any tips on some things i could do to get some more power out of my car ? exhaust seems a good place to start but i was looking for some more ideas short of a turbo. Prices and or places in perth i should inquire...
  6. ANL53X

    Do i need to do anything to my auto transmission?

    Hey, i had heard from someone, that they had heard from someone at Holden, that when you do performance upgrades to an auto Commodore you need to upgrade the transmission so it can handle the gain in power, i.e. extractors. I wasn't sure if this is true or not, so i thought i'd ask the people on...