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  1. J

    Coilovers benefits versus drawbacks in SA

    Hey guys, I’m making some progressive performance and handling upgrades to 2014 Series 1 Holden VF SS Commodore Sedan. Looking to make some progressive performance and handling upgrades to my above mentioned car, and looking for suggestions on good handling upgrades to consider for my car, and...
  2. J

    VE LY7 Engine

    Would anyone know if I can still get/where to get a LY7 SV6 Crate engine or reconditioned engine? Or possibly even cost to get full recon and what would be needed due to a bearing putting metal shavings all thru the engine?
  3. N

    Sway bar upgrade

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the front and rear swaybar specs for VF Series2 6.2L wagon (Calais V) Looking to stiffen up and whiteline (for example) seems incredibly excessive at 26mm solid front (as something tells me oem is 23mm front 18mm rear) I could measure but not sure if they are hollow or...
  4. Giusa93

    What Headers to Get? HELP!!!

    Hey Guys, this is my first post!! I have a 2010 VE SS manual and so far I have got a 2.5" XForce Catback and a VCM OTR. Its been dyno tuned and is currently pushing 240kw to the wheels. I am looking at getting Headers next to try and get close to 260kw to the wheels but am not sure what will...
  5. M

    K sport OTR cold air intake

    Hello, wondering if anyone has experience with K SPORT VE Commodore OTR cold air intakes? they are $170 off ebay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F121421871320...
  6. J

    Exhaust System VY

    I have a VY Series 2 Calais and I want to get an exhaust system thats got a loud-ish sound, deep note but thats not to loud so that it won't get cops bugging me and so it won't do my head in when I'm cruising. Don't think I need a stainless system, I live in Victoria and the hottest it gets...
  7. Z

    [SA] WTB: Duspeed OTR to suit 2005 VZ SS

    ITEM: Duspeed OTR to suit 2005 VZ SS LS1 Auto.... Maf or Mafless fine. LOCATION: South Australia, Adelaide CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: Hopefully good. :-) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: prefer pick up & pay cash, but willing to pay freight if packed up carefully and the price is right...
  8. M

    N/A power

    First off, this is purely about n/a ecotecs. If your here to tell me to turbo or supercharge the engine for any 'real' power gains then please, do me a favor and take your oppinion to another thread. I'm building an ecotec to drop into a gemini which is going to be qld roadworthy. So nothing...
  9. Revhigh

    2016 new release, Stealth 3.0 Performance Controller for Holden, Ford etc.

    The updated Stealth 3.0 Performance Controller unit is now available. Give your vehicle the throttle response it deserves. Revhigh stealth Suits the full range of Holden's from VZ onwards, LS1 VZ unit is now being tested. VZ V6 Alloytec, VE VF V6 & V8 are good to go. Suits many other vehicles...
  10. T

    42lb/440cc injectors ecotech v6 supercharged

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone would know a compatible part number to suit a supercharged v6 ecotech want something 42lb/440cc or bigger if possible cant seem to find a part number that would be compatible. Thanks in advance
  11. H

    vz maloo performance advice

    Hey guys, I'm about to dive into the performance side of things but im an electrician and don't know much in the way of performance. I live in Darwin and the choice of workshops isn't huge so I'm trying to get more advice, the more the better right? My car is a vz maloo ls2 manual, I...
  12. J

    VS V6 Peformance upgrades for p plater

    Hi all, I was hoping that you would be able to help me choose what to do on my vs v6 commodore to increase performance but keep within p plate limits. I was thinking extractors with hi flow cats, injectors and k&n filters. any help would be hugely appreciated :)
  13. W

    Mechanical carrier

    Hi guys i was wondering what experience is needed to work at a performance shop? i would really like to change jobs in something in the lines of that and would like to know if you would need to be a mechanic first or could you get a apprenticship at one of the shopd or would i need to be a...
  14. J

    Best Performance Mods i can make to my L76 6.0L engine?

    money is no problem im just looking to go crazy and see what beast i can produce and i want opinions on what you all think are the best performance mods out there. links to websites, lists and anything like that are greatly appreciated. Im thinking pistons and rings, push rods, roller rockers...
  15. J

    [LS1] Best Performance Mods i can make to my gen 3 5.7l LS1?

    money is no problem i wanna go all out, im just looking to go crazy and see what beast i can produce and i want opinions on what you all think are the best performance mods out there. links to websites, lists and anything like that are greatly appreciated. Im thinking pistons and rings, push...
  16. Mattyk_12

    VE auto GTS LS3 Cam shaft Upgrade

    hey how's it going. i looking into getting a cam upgrade for my car. though im not sure what type of size i should go. it already has a full 2 1/2 inch exhaust and has been re mapped. but that would need to be done again. if i get the cam i will be getting an otr as well. i sort of wanted to...
  17. slyr23

    list of mods for VZ S with ly7

    Hello this is my first post so I'm sorry if I put it in the wrong place. So I've bought my first ever holden yesterday :D And I'm coming from a history of lancers and pulsars so I'm not sure on the availability performance parts for the ly7? I've seen people do some amazing thing with them...
  18. Qorx

    Ecotec Vs. Alloytec

    Deleted 10charcount
  19. C

    Best full exhaust system for 2009 SV6

    Just wondering what the best full exhaust system is for performance? I have a 2009 VE SV6.
  20. C

    Best Cold Air Induction Kit for 2009 VE SV6

    Just wondering what the best cold air induction kit for a 09 VE sv6 is and offers the most performance?
  21. I

    Commodore SV6 2011 Series2

    I just installed an ss induction growler and a Xforce 2.25 catback and i was currious do i need to tune the car or not? im also thinking about going for headers and cats but in 2 months time.. furthermore i was thinking about making it look better please share your ideas and btw its in...
  22. D

    Help me please

    Sup ppl I have 97 ss vt v8 commodore it was handed down to me when my dad passed away when I was 8 I'm 18 now n ready to take it out of the garage runs alguds but I want to upgrade it make the old boy proud I want a performance upgrade more power exhaust system make everything tighter and also...
  23. B

    VT performance questions! HELP NEEDED.

    I have a stock VT V6 Executive. The usual exterior/interior mods. Just looking at a few things to increase performance for a cheap price? (Like everybody else, I know.) I am on my P's, also. I'm going to be getting the exhaust, extractors, hi flow cat etc. done soon. What are peoples...
  24. N

    vz v6 engine conversion

    hey everyone was just wanting some help/thoughts on doing a engine conversion seeing how the aloytec will not last much longer due to warped heads.. good old chemmyweld :) the reason i would like to do this is obvisouly more power and the experience of doing one ! and no im not selling it to...
  25. Chady

    [VIC] VR/VS V6 Performance Mods for sale

    LOCATION: VIC - Ringwood 3134 CONDITION: Used PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] / 0404 251394 SMS Only please ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Alpine CDE-121E CD Tuner - $100 (RRP $199) Specs -...
  26. D

    [VIC] WTB: Alloytec V6 Headers/Extractors

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted To Buy ITEM: Headers/Extractors for VE Alloytec V6 LOCATION: Victoria CONDITION: New or Used is fine DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Willing to pay for freight or pickup if location is close. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, Bank Deposit, PayPal CONTACT DETAILS: Reply...
  27. vscom88

    Twin Throttle bodys on an ecotec modifying the loom to run the ISCM and TPS solenoids

    Hey guys, I'm ready to buy this plenum chamber for my ecotec engine that is currently sitting in my garage ( Uploaded in the photos ) The question i want to know is, how would i go about cruise control ? Cruise control runs down the left side and is cable controlled so what would that do if...
  28. ZiShan

    A/C Performance Table for VZ V6 (Berlina)

    Hi Guyz, I'm looking for VZ A/C Performance table similar to the one I attached below. This table in the attachment below is extracted from the service information manual for Chevrolet Lumina 2007 which I believe is also known as Holden Commodore VE. According to my information after...
  29. ZiShan

    A/C Performance Table for VZ V6 (Berlina)

    Hi Guyz, I'm looking for a VZ A/C Performance table similar to the one I'm attaching below. This table in the attachment, is extracted from the "Chevrolet Lumina Model Year 2007 Service Information manual" which I believe is also known as Holden Commodore VE. According to my information VZ...
  30. D

    Ls1 performance upgrades

    Hey guys, Just new at this forum stuff, but would just like to know what other people in my situation have done and would recommend. I have a 2002 VU SS with just on 140 kms. Got it cheap and just want to make it into a bit of a toy. It's got (so far) pacemaker headers with full twin 3inch...
  31. J

    Plenum Spacer ECOTECH

    Hi I was just wondering if any who HAS ACTUALLY installed a mace plenum spacer could tell me which one to buy with my car having extractors and air intake or IF THEY ACTUALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE. ??????
  32. S

    P-plater performance mods any ideas?

    I'm a red p plater with a VS V6 lexcen. I wouldn't mind a few upgrades to give the ol girl a bit more power n acceleration. Anyone got any ideas? Bearin in mind the budgets not overly great. Cheers
  33. B

    vt ecotec performance..

    hey guys just wanna know whats some mods i should do to get some more power out of my vt v6 ecotec that aren't too expensive? even little things that just make the car run better and ect.. :)
  34. 1

    Performance Increase

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and new to Holdens. I own a stock 2005 Holden Commodore SV6 S/Auto. I have seen so many mods and such about improving performance and it has all become pretty confusing. I would like to know how to improve performance (no super or turbo chargers) and fuel...
  35. L

    3 Months and a VS Acclaim to play with.

    Hey guys I have a VS Acclaim. It's a '96 model I think and it's my first car. The guy that had it for about 9 or so years treated pretty poorly so I'm going to get it looking nice. Here are my questions: 1. I have washed it,replaced the fluids, cleaned the interior and am currently getting...
  36. pommyVL

    2001 VX SS - Help with performance!!

    Hey guys, I have a VXSS (auto :spew:) that I love and enjoy to drive. I recently drove a VYSS manual, and it drove absolutely perfectly - fast precise, i just had a totally different experience driving it, and was left thinking about why mine didnt have the same effect?? It wasnt just...
  37. BakeTheTank

    Broad but, Best engine oil for a V6?

    Hey guys, I have a Series II S VY and was just wondering on what your opinions and recomendations on engine oil to use. I'm coming up to my 100000kms service and the previous owner of my car ran Royal Purple 20W50 but i personally think I can probably find some better stuff to put...
  38. S

    Vs ute performance ideas

    Anyone have any performance idea for a vs series 2 s pac v8??? 5 speed manual. Was thinking about putting a hsv chip in it but not sure where to get them from. Live in perth so if anyone has any ideas give me a shout
  39. JSTCOZ

    Ignition Leads or High Ratio Roller Rockers? V6

    Hey guys, Got car serviced today and spoke to the mechanic about getting a bit of power in my v6. Still on P-plates, just wanted a little bit more power to get me by) I suggested High Ratio Roller Rockers from MACE but he said it won't be worth it at all. After servicing my car he said...
  40. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] VT S2 Tail Lights - VS Performance Panel Air Filter

    ITEM- VS SIMOTA Absolute Power Performance Panel Filter LOCATION- Brisbane COND- nothing can really be wrong with a panel filter, just needs another clean. PRICE - $40 *negotiable* CONTACT- PM / Comment below / mobile number : 0415 807 643 *text anytime and I will get back to you...