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  1. S

    [WA] WTB: VE SS V Manual

    Want To Buy: VE Commodore SS / SS V Location: Perth, WA Transmission: Manual Body Style: Sedan or wagon Color: Prefer black, dark, or business appropriate colors; loud colors may be ok depends on price Interior: Leather, black or grey Price: 10-15k, could go up for wagon Payment: Cash...
  2. st3r3otyp3

    [WA] Any member with a tech 2 in perth

    Hi don't normally ask for such, though in the city ATM and the Engine light has come on and just need a code read. Staying SOR.
  3. C

    perth ssv wheel machining??

    i know its probably on here somewhere but I'm new so does anyone know where i can get ssv wheels machined to vit my vz?? for a reasonable price... cheers!!
  4. C

    [WA] Places to do burnouts perth

    Hey me and mates are looking for a abandoned car park or warehouse or anything we can do burnouts on as we don't want to do it on public roads
  5. C

    Places in perth wa to do burnouts

    Hey me and my mates are looking for abandoned car parks or workshops or anything we can light tyres on as we don't like to do it on public roads
  6. N

    WH Statesman respray?

    Hey guys, im looking for a good reliable workshop to respray my wh statesman over here in perth. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? Cheers Jack.
  7. capsey7

    [Ecotec] Transmission recondition, WA Perth

    Hey guys, Wondering where the best place is to get my 4L60e transmission reconditioned (for my 2001 V6 VU), I have heard dimoff is good. What sort of price should I expect to have it reconditioned. Considering having a corvette servo installed and possibly a stage 2 shift kit. Open to any other...
  8. corey95

    Coreys Vx ss

    Name: Corey Model: 2002 Vx ss hbd Colour: Phantom Black Bodykit: Vx ss Engine: 5.7 gen 3 ls1 Exhaust: 2.5" with high flow cats... (not sure on full details of it) Intake: VCM Otr Gearbox: Standard 6 Speed manual Diff: Standard 3.46 lsd Suspension: Pedders superlow front and Lovells...
  9. Mattyk_12

    VE GTS exhaust upgrade.

    hey hows it going everyone. I hoping I'm posting this in the right section. I have been scanning around forums for quite a while now but have never thought to post something but here it goings. I have been looking into upgrading the exhaust on my 08 ve auto gts. but after reading countless...
  10. M

    Max rim size on vys2 acclaim

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum so sorry if this has already been posted, just figuring it all out. I have a 2003 vys2 acclaim. I recently bought a set of 19' rims with tyres and I was wondering whether or not these would be legal on my car? I live in perth, wa. They are ssw rims...
  11. M

    Window regulator VX manual wind - Perth

    Hi guys, Just wondering the best place in Perth to buy a drivers side front door regulator for a manual wind window ? I have looked online but everything coming over from east costs $20+ for postage. Not too keen on a scrap yard seconds, rather just put in a new unit so don't have to do it...
  12. P

    VZ sv6 SRS light on after having a flat battery

    Can anyone help i have a vz sv6 and got a flat battery and after getting the car restarted it now has the srs warning light on after looking in other posts it seams to be a common problem and needs to be reset with a tech 2 scanner tool ... Does anyone know anywhere or anyone in perth northof...
  13. amos_executive

    WA Fibreglass spray painter

    Hey all, as the title says just chasing someone who does fibreglass spray painting in or around Perth. any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  14. M

    VX Rotors - Perth northern suburbs

    G'day crew, I've got brake shudders in my VX so after reading a few threads i'm going to purchase after market slotted rotors x 4 for all wheels and new quality pads. How much would i be expecting to pay for the set of 4 x rotors ? Can anyone reccomend a decent brake business in the...
  15. MattyC

    Perth Cruise, Sunday 13 June - Karrinyup..???

    Hey, Does anyone know what happened at the carpark, while i was on my way home i noticed a carpark full of cars and people so i decided to turn in and see what was going on, when I turned in there were cops there talking to everyone whilist another was walking around writing everyones...