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  1. D

    Phone compatibility with the VF Storm SV6

    Hey, Just got my brand new VF Commodore SV6 Storm (totally in love, by the way). Was wondering if anyone out there has a HTC One M8 and whether or not it is fully/mostly compatible? I'm about to upgrade my phone and love the look of the HTC, but I want a phone that's compatible with my baby...
  2. adam sv6

    Phone holders

    hey guys was looking at some phone holder/charger kits for the ol commodore, but most to me look cheap or just arnt practical... so i thought i would find out if other ve owners have good ideas or maybe want to share their own system. My current phone kit sytem: For the time being, I have...
  3. H

    MP3 Playback Problem - Stereo Intermittingly Cutting Out

    So... I thought I would post this save the possible lengthy troubleshooting. THe problem is when I play MP3's burnt to CD occasionally I get a pause during a track usually round the 22sec mark then 20 seconds atfer. If I use the AUX port I don't get the problem. Now the CD's are straight in...
  4. H

    Holden vs Aftermarket Handsfree - Bluetooth Digitized Voice

    2007 VE SS Have this annoying problem with the bluetooth module Ive paired a number of different phones and anyone I call complaims of an R2D2 Digitized and broken up voice. I have played around with the speaker settings etc. to no avail. As out of warranty I am tossing up between getting...
  5. <atomicL93>

    [SA] LG Viewty KU990 - Unlocked to all networks. VGC.

    ITEM: LG Viewty KU990 LOCATION: Mount Gambier SA CONDITION: 3 Months old, screen protector has been on it since the day i got it, also a rubber case has been on it for quite a while. So its in very good condition. PRICE: $200 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: If it sells for $200 i will...