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  1. hwy747

    A professional photoshoot done on my car ... have a look

    Hey all. I had a photo shoot done on my car over the weekend, and I am pretty wrapped with how it turned out. I always thought I could take a pretty decent photo of my car.....until I saw these ones and I am humbled. Have a look at the photo's and feel free to leave feedback. The...
  2. Agnu

    Sydney photographer - looking for cars to shoot!

    Hey guys, i'm an automotive photographer based on the northern beaches in Sydney, and i'm looking for some cars to shoot to get my portfolio up to scratch. I'm basically offering free photoshoots to anybody that's keen for some nice photos. All I ask in return is the permission to publish them...
  3. T

    good locations for car photos??

    gday lads its my 1st post so i hope this is in the right spot haha. i was just wondering if any1 has some good locations where i can snap a few pics of my car?? i really want some good ones and the backyard isnt cutting it!!! thanks
  4. sik_VR

    Photo Manipulations

    Thread for photo manipulations and other photography. Some of my photo manipulations. Show off your works too they can be plain photography, photo manipulations anything pretty much