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  1. VFII•17

    Take a pic - blockout reg/license plate or not?

    I have my Commodore SS-V Redline MY17 in colour Light My Fire on order (due the end of May), and once I get it I am going to take a lot of pictures of it. I have noticed around 50% of people who do take pics of their car and post online either blockout reg/license plate and the other 50% like to...
  2. S

    Pics of aftermarket headlights and taillights

    Can you guys post some pics of your aftermarket headlights & taillights for any VZ but mostly Utes and Wagons for the taillights and give me your opinion and where to get them so there not cheap looking or tacky. Thanks :beer chug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd6_VRfizQc - Is it possible...
  3. L

    VY pictures needed!

    Hey everyone, first time post by the way, finally decided to join after about a year of just looking on here haha. Anyway does anyone have a link or pictures of a vy with 19" on SL springs all round or SSL on the back? Ive got 19"s sitting in my shed waiting to be put on but i want to get...
  4. H

    Rims on vl??

    i just recently bought a stock vl was just asking for people to post some pictures of thier vls just to see what rims suit thanks.....rims dont have to be anything special anything will be good
  5. vyssute01

    Can anyone photoshop my rims black??? :)

    Hey guys just wondering what my rims would look like powdercoated black. Might even white wall them. cheers
  6. 1SIKR8

    My Sexy S-pack

    My New VT S-pack i got my grubby hands on thursday, already i've put a monaro frount bar on it, XHP jet 18inch rims. other then that its been kept immaculant by its previous owner. its got a getrag 5speed behind the solid lil ecotec motor =) speaking of the motor i've put a cold air intake and...