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  1. M

    202 red in boat tricky issues??

    Hi all. Firstly I gotta say I'm so glad I stumbled on this forum. So g'day to you all. I'm a long time Holden owner having owned just about every model they ever built from my first car a fb wagon to our family vz wagon. But my question today relates to my inboard boat with a 202 onboard. I...
  2. VK SL 3800

    Vk Vacuum sensor.

    Hi Just recently my VK with the EST ignition system has developed a bad ping under light throttle at low to medium revs, I'm guessing either the CAS or the Vacuum sensor on the fuse box would be at fault as it has only started doing this recently and only once at normal operating...
  3. 96VS355

    355 Stroker pinging

    Wondering if anyone has any ideas, I've had my 1996 304 rebuilt as a 355, and I've found it's developed intermittent pinging. On a cold morning it doesn't make a noise, but once it's been running a while, or on a warmer day, you can almost predict it when you step on it. It's round 10-10.5:1...