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  1. J

    Diff Clunking/Grinding AFTER Diff seal replacement?

    G'day to you all. I've recently purchased a 2003 WK Caprice with 233,000ks on the clock. Ran like a gem, no odd sounds. Took it to my local mechanic, good reliable guy, stated that the Diff Pinion Seal was leaking -and to get it sorted "sooner rather than later" The week after, I made the...
  2. S

    VK with VL driveline Racecar project

    Gday, I have a 84 VK SL Sedan I am not far from being finished building for dirt circuit racing here in SA, and have a few teething issues just getting everything prim and proper with the steering and brakes before the engine and trans go in. Basically my question is first and foremost, directed...
  3. VY_Sleeper

    [NSW] FS: M80 Diff Gears - 3:46 ratio

    ITEM: Genuine Holden Diff gears with a 3:46 ratio LOCATION: Windsor, NSW CONDITION: Used PRICE: Firm $250 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick-up only PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD or Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: PM, or reply to this thread OTHER INFO: Removed from my diff due to...
  4. djaa

    Can I fit Tie rod spacers to my VS for more lock

    I have some spacers made up for VS ute, but when I took the boot off the tie rod(drivers side,where pinion gear is) it didn't look like their would enough clearance on the rack to allow the extra 5mm (width of spacer) of extra lock. :bang: Could someone please tell me if there is enough...