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  1. S

    Screw/pin near windscreen wipers?

    Hello, I'm trying to get the screw/pin things off so I can get to the windscreen wipers. I'm having so much trouble they just don't want to come off. Any methods/ways would be appreciated. Thanks. http://rs1300.pbsrc.com/albums/ag93/loltrain9876/image_zpsrju4bg1j.jpg~320x480
  2. H

    VT Calais Engine Turning Off

    Hi, I am having a problem with my VT Calais's engine randomly turning off and not starting again for a while. All the electronics stay on when this happens and when I try to start it again I can hear the starter motor trying to start but that's all. Also, the car seems to rev roughly every...
  3. VjamesY

    Replacing VY doors

    Ok Im replacing some of my doors and I just had a few question: -How exactly do you remove the door hinge pins? I kind of understand how to do it but just looking for some extra tips. -How should I go about inserting my original door lock/handle in the new replacement? with this Ive for...