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  1. S

    Speaker Pod mounts, mounting options/Ideas?

    Hi Just finished the stereo in my Monaro and only have these speaker pods for the Focal 3 way mids and tweeters to go into to mount and wire up. Has any one mounted something similar before? I would like to run the speaker wires through the centre of the mount as well for a nice clean...
  2. Hellz03

    want more bass and better way to tune my stereo

    Hi I have a vx series 2 Pioneer 1 din DVD stereo running a fusion sub 1200 and pioneeer monoblock amp I want to get more bass also what's the best way to tune my stereo my system has a few settings I have no idea what they are lol But is there a certain setting or settings I need to change...
  3. R

    Anyone have a pioneer AVH-p8450BT?

    Hey guys, So I am about to buy the above mentioned stereo and Ive noticed that the factory double din stereo is quite low. Has anyone had any issues with ejecting their disks as the 8450 folds right out and it would look to hit the gear stick when its in park. Obviously the way to fix it...
  4. taylooor

    [VIC] Wanting an alpine sub - willing to trade pioneer sub

    ITEM: Looking to buy an Alpine 12" Type S sub, Type R is also possible. In or out of box. Willing to trade a Pioneer sub for it. LOCATION: South East Victoria CONDITION: Pioneer Sub has only been used for about 3 months, my OCD is getting to me however as I already have a Type S sub and I...
  5. Scruba

    Pioneer Head Unit Reviews - MVH8350BT

    Hi all. I have a VX and VY Commodore and need to replace the factory head units with units that have some decent functionality. I am looking at the Pioneer MVH8350BT head unit. MVH-8350BT Bluetooth Digital Media Receiver with 3-inch Screen (2011 Model) - Pioneer Car Stereo - Digital Media...
  6. agrsv8

    [SA] Surge tank, VP SS full exhaust and LSD, VT Headlights, Tyres, Sub + Amp + Capacitor

    LOCATION: Adelaide, Tea Tree Area ITEM: polished 2l Surge Tank with An fittings CONDITION: New PRICE: Firm $80 ----------------------------------------------- ITEM: VP SS IRS Twin 2.5" full exhaust, Tri-Y headers, Primaries sandblasted and repainted in heat proof silver, twin redback...
  7. BigMoose

    94 VR Stereo Wiring

    Hi All. First time poster here. I just bought a VR commo and it had a kenwood head HU in it but it was old and not functioning as it should. Anyways, I pulled that out to replace it with my Pioneer and I did the stupidest thing I could of done... I cut the wires from the back of the kenwood...
  8. T

    Beeping noise driving me insane!

    I have a Pioneer AVIC-F310BT Total in-car entertainment and navigation solution - AVIC-F310BT :: Pioneer Australia that i recently purchased and self installed. I found out that if i earthed the handbreak wire that i will get all my features while driving rather then only when my handbreak is...
  9. T

    Pioneer Component Sound-Off

    I just got my first Vs Ute today (so pumped) and need some help with a Sound System. As I won't be running a sub atm i'm looking at getting some really dynamic component speakers on a budget (amped of-course). After doing some research I've narrowed it down to 2 pioneers: Pioneer TS-A1072...
  10. J

    quick question regarding head units

    hey all, i was just wondering if someone could explain all this crap that Pioneer tell me about their head units. Basically they say the come with a 50W x 4 MOSFET amp built in but 50W is still not really enough to pump up my 200W speakers. This might sound like a stupid question but i am...
  11. davidjanssen

    VT Wiring Harness to Pioneer Pioneer FH-P6050UB

    Gday guys, I have a wiring harness for my VT calais and want to install a Pioneer FH-P6050UB. I know which wires to connect to the car. But with the wiring harness the wires are different colours. I would just conect to the car but I dont want to hack it up. Wiring Harness wire colours...