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  1. K

    Turbo manifold

    so im turbocharging my vt and im going to make my own manifold, would you guys recommend 2” pipe for that, is it too big or too small or just right?
  2. juiceie vh sle

    pipe work on Air con units different

    hey guys im looking for some info on air con units for the early VB, VC, VH, VK possibly VL. i purchased a N.O.S air con unit that said it was for the first gen commodores. i got it in the mail today and it looks perfect all the plugs are exactly the same with the same colour wires. the only...
  3. BakeTheTank

    (VY) Coolant Pipe Burst? Overheating Engine

    Hey Guys Driving around last night,(first time in 8 hours) all of a sudden Engine Temp Error comes up on my Cluster. I pull over and check my coolant and its run dry, i fill it up, and let my engine cool. I take off again and the temperature starts getting extrememly high again, i pull over...