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  1. S

    exhaust 2.5" or 2.25" ?????

    hey everyone, i drive a VY S II and im wanting to do a full exhaust upgrade eventualy. i want to replace headers, pipes and muffler. was just asking if i should be getting a 2.5" system (most people see to go for this) or a 2.25" system?? i wont be doing to many mods to the engine, just intake...
  2. V

    V6 supercharged

    gday guys i am getting my car supercharged with the raptor pro street intercooled. it will be here next wednesday and i am gogin to fit it up myself over the weekend after i currently have a 2.5' exhaust single but i have stumbled across a twin 2.5 inch off a vz 6l which has turbo genie...