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  1. Manual Calais

    How to restore chrome window trims?

    Hi everybody. I am on the search to figure out how to fullly restore a set of chrome window trips that in this case are off a vp. They are like a plastic/rubber with chrome strips on them. I gather that you would sand the chrome down and repair any dents and take them to a electroplater to get...
  2. S

    VE ute tail gate liner replacement

    Hey guys, I need to replace the plastic liner on the tail gate of my ute as it is unrepairable and I was wondering it it would be an easy trip to a scrapyard or would I need to replace the entire tail gate? Cheers in advance! Matt
  3. calais24/7

    Plastic window stip fading

    on my vs the little plastic strip things are a little faded, ive got a pic to help describe it, what can i use to restore it, what about some bumper bar black? My iphone is being a bitch and i cant upload any pics from it atm got the pic
  4. M

    VY Dash Cluster Glass

    Hey all, odd problem: I'm currently in the process of installing a new audio system in my VY sII s pack, and have half of the dash out. Somethings been annoying me for a little while now, there seems to be dried liquid on the other side of the dash cluster glass (I'm talking in behind the...
  5. DmanVT

    Painting my vt commodore interior

    Hey all, i was just wondering if anyone knows what paint i should use to paint the interior plastics on my vt? I want all the plastics around dash cluster, air con, tranny console, and all air vents and rear air vents / console thing to be painted a dark/ deep purple. Iv heard to wash in...
  6. N

    Genuine Body Kit To Suit VZ

    Anyone know where i can purchase a plastic bodykit for my VZ in? Either Club-sport or SV6, preferred in melborune. Got a quote for clubsport; front bar , rear bar , side skirts , clips, fog-lights & rear numberplate for $2750
  7. C

    VP Ute Interior

    G'Day Guys, I have a column shift auto V6 VP ute that was in immaculate condition until it was stolen. Amongst other things, they smashed several plastic components to get access to the barrell and to remove the stereo. As it is a column shift, these parts are a bugger to find. Is...
  8. B

    VY Plastic at bttom of Windscreen

    Hi, First time posting so go easy haha. Could some tell me how or link me to how to remove the piece of plastic at the bottom of of the windscreen where it meets the bonnet. I can see 6 screws of where to undo it but they do not seem to undo. Cheers, Ben
  9. R

    painting black plastice trim....help

    hi guy i am thinking about painting my side skirts, fornt and rear bumper plastics to match the colour of my car. i own a vx exec. i have seen this done and i want to give it a go. my main concern is the paint cracking and chipping away later down the track. do you rekomend i get it done...