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please help

  1. S

    How to repair fuel injection

    Could someone help me with some information I have a vs v6 ute and cant get my fuel injection to work If I spray start you basted in through the air filter the car starts I have un done the fuel rail and my fuel pump is working The car has been re keyed
  2. M

    Vf steering converting on a vx

    Hi there guys, Just wondering what I would have to do in order to get a vf flat bottem steering wheel to fit a vx commy, Would I have to do a complete steering column swap or is there a way to modify the existing steering assembly to fit the steering wheel, I have a 2002 Vx commodore...
  3. Y

    Vt dfi module? Please help

    Hi everybody. Gus here. Started up vt at work last night and had to drive it home on 4 cylinders shaking its ass off. When i was warming it up in the car park at work all off a sudden it just ran really crap and shuddered and would not stop. I think the temp of the engine had something to do...
  4. Trevor Hardy

    2004 vy, v6, Commodore.

    When driving my car either on gas or petrol the dash comes up saying INCORRECT fuel gauge contact your dealer, but when I put the brakes on it stops for a while. I need my car for work. Can anyone help me out please! An would it be safe to use still?
  5. D

    vt commodore 3.8 ecotect

    Hi i am doing my head gaskets on my vt3.8 ecotec,i have had the heads serviced and parts all cleaned up ready to putt back together,i have 1 conern,i run all head bolts through to clean out any rubbish,all bolts go very close to touching the block but the bolt hole on the right hand side top...
  6. boltnich08

    vu rough idle after head and inlet gasket change. please help!!

    Ohk so ive spent the last week reading every thread about rough idle. ill fill in the blanks with my situation. driving along the hwy and my temp gauge was not reading correctly , radiator cracked , dropped all the coolant, car lost power I free wheeled to edge of the road. let the car cool...
  7. V

    Vx series ii whole dash cluster stopped

    Hi Guys, I was driving to work today and my whole dash cluster stopped working, i have no tacho, speedo, water temp, fuel gauge, AC switch doesnt work, cruise doesnt work, cant go into mode on the switch, all lights on the dash doesnt work still have indicators and interior lights on the...
  8. F

    v6 cooling issue? help please!!

    hey guys need help with my ecotec A few weeks ago i was pulling into my driveway and my bottom radiator hose blew off so i replaced that and that solved that problem anyway, a few days later i was driving for about 10 -15 minutes when i noticed my temp gauge was quite high (3/4) so i pulled...
  9. C

    please help my car wont start!

    hey all i have a yv commodore v6 executive and it an auto on friday night it randomly started stalling while i was idling. the next day she ran fine not a problem but come Saturday night the stalling started again i was able to start it the first few times but then i stalled again and now...