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  1. R

    Rough Idle and Start Issue, My approach!

    Hi all interested forum members. Just before i get started I have read through lots of info about my VY berlina both on here and online. The community support from this forum is by far the best by far so thanks everyone. I decided against creating a large post re all my issues and what i...
  2. A

    VT - Engine Warnings

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice... cleaned my plenum and throttle body for my VT V6 commodore today, and after bolting everything back together and starting her up the engine light came on. I get very nervous when I see engine lights and dont know what to do! I also changed the fuel...
  3. ANL53X

    [VT-VX] Polishing the plenum on your ecotec

    I have never liked the look of the ecotec motors without the engine cover on. It is just plain ugly, with the wires for the injecters and the shape of the plenum. So i decided to have a go at neatening it up by polishing the plenum. As you may know, the plenum on the ecotec's is quite rough...