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  1. L

    Extra connector plugs each side of engine

    Can anyone please tell me what these are for and where they go?? 1x each side of engine MY05 6cyl auto
  2. F

    vy ecotec sump plug

    my vy ute desperately needs an oil change and i went to remove the plug but it was on so tight that i burred it. my mate says he can remove it with a chisel and hammer but i need to buy a replacement. which one of the sump plugs in the attached picture would fit (ecotec)? or should i just get...
  3. D

    Sump plug stuck

    Gday all, Seems the young johnny that works in my chosen mechanic shop decided to tighten my oil filter and sump plug to buggary, now I can't get the sump plug to budge, I'm currently filing it down to fit an 18mm on it as the numerous attempts to remove it left it deformed. Anyone got any...
  4. speed__demond

    help... random plug wheres it go? 304

    okay I found a random plug hanging from behind the brake booster in my vs statesman 304. its two wire one is black the other is brown. im hoping its the cause of my car running a bit weird...
  5. camer0n

    Where does this wire go?

    I have recently spent time dealing with a dodgy T fitting at the end of the heater hose. I'm not sure if i bumped this loose or whether it is one of those things that just don't matter. For the life of me I can't find where its supposed to go?! One end is attached to the thing to the left of...
  6. nalchlan

    cam sensor..plug?

    hey guys im not sure where this little magnetic plug fits. it was originaly on the cam timing chain cog. and i did not mark which hole it came out of. where does it fit... its not in my POS manual either. the plug is in the pictures below cheers edit; i just placed it in my new double roller for...
  7. M

    VY Power Outlet

    Hi, I've been having some issues with the power outlet. I can't seem to be able to charge my gps or phone with it. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks in advance.