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  1. Chipz

    VZ SS decelerate stall(rpm drop)

    Hey all I can not work out what is going on with my car and need as much advice and suggestions as I can get! My 5.7 Crewman Auto has all of a sudden desided it wants to have a drop in rpm below idle every time i get off the gas and can stall because of this. When it does the "decel rpm drop" it...
  2. scaredyet

    VZ V6 Fuel Injectors?

    I think I may need to change my injectors as my car has a huge shake when I started it this morning and I got a check powertrain error. I have a 2005 V6 VZ wagon LE0. What I Hector's do they have the blue or black. I have new plugs and could to go and just want to buy some reconditioned injectors
  3. Sam Droscher

    I need to know what a few sensor plugs are!! VZ SSZ

    Hey guys, First time I’m posting. I’m doing a few bits n’ pieces to the Ute and I’ve unplugged a bunch of things and forgotten what’s what. On the passenger side, there is a blue, orange, yellow and purple. I think one is the coolant temp sensor, the alternator and one is the maf sensor I...
  4. D

    VZ won't start after plug replacement

    Decided to replace the plugs on my VZ Cross 6 (Alloytec). Disconnected battery. Replaced plugs. Reconnected battery. Turned the key and engine fired up instantly and then cut out. Repeated a number of times and still the same. If I put my foot flat to the floor and turn the key it will rev...
  5. K

    What should i do? Warranty issues!

    Hey guys The situation is, i got a vz exec off a dealership with 3 months warranty and it runs out 1st of next month. I have told my mechanic and a few other mates that the car is splurging at times and its really worrying me. I posted a thread about this labelled: oxygen sensor info. Because...
  6. V

    Please Help !! : (

    Guys, I have a VX commodore that is dual fuel with gas. Everything has been going fine up until a few days ago. When I drive the car on gas, everything is fine. But when i swap to petrol and am driving in top gear and go to accelerate, the car feels like it's 'slipping gears'. Even when I...
  7. Vy S SC

    10psi Pulley (Plugs, coils, leads, thermostat)

    Im getting the 10psi pulley upgrade on the weekend. :lock: I currently have standard NGK spark plugs, Standard leads (replaced 100kms ago) and stock coils and factory thermostat. The car has 160 000kms on the odometer. Will i need to upgrade any of the parts mentioned above when I...