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pod filter

  1. A

    Standard filter vs pod filter

    Is an oiled pod a good idea!? A mates given me one but I'm having second thoughts after reading reviews. Is it worth it do you think? Any negatives? Or outright positives? Any options would be great to hear. Thanks!
  2. W

    otr compared to air ram style

    Hi guys would anyone here be able to comment on if just sticking a good brand of pod filter onto the TB would be the same gains as a otr? or does the otr get its gains from being in front of the radiator so it does not get heat soaked? any suggestions or insight would be great :)
  3. Dav93

    Pod filter

    Hey Iv put a pod filter on my vt and remove the stock air box and need Idies on how to make a bracket for the pod and a cold air intake Cheers
  4. RaptorBUDAH

    VE Omega Air Box Silencer

    Hi Guys, Some of the fellas and i are planning on a DIY air intake for the cars and i just wanted to double check on something before we go too far... Has anyone removed their air intake silencer box? and what happens if we do? Our plan is to start off from the throttle body, using some...
  5. J

    Intake, Pod? bigger throttle body?

    hey guys, ive heard both good and bad things about the pod and throttle body mods, but i want to know is it actually worth while, and if so which one would be more beneficial, or would both be? car is a ecotec V6 sedan, with 2 1/2 inch catback, thinking of taking out the rear...

    Pod Air Filter

    delete please searched and found the answer.
  7. Gunzero

    Engine light coming on

    when i start my car the engine light comes on only started doing it when i put a pod filter on it only says on for a bit then goes out
  8. N

    pods and loud???!?!?!

    1.)i just fitted on a pod onto my v6 exec (Vx) and as people claim the induction sounds really good, i agree it sounds good but in my car i can only hear it wn its in park lol ... so any ideas wat myt make it louder? 2.) i went to pitstop because i wanted to get a quote on a 'sports exhaust...