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  1. X

    Pod filter on SIDI 3.0L

    Hey guys, I decided to fiddle around with my intake and fit a pod filter. I disconnected the sensor after the air filter and unhooked the airbox. Upon taking the airbox out, I noticed there is a second sensor before the air filter but still in the top half of the box. I've had a google...
  2. V

    home made CAI

    hey all, just got a POD on my car but it is sucking in some warm air from the radiator/headers etc. i want a cold air intake but being a poor ####er i can't afford the $500 for an SS inductions one(as bad as i want it). is it possible to make one or is there cheaper ones available? cheers.
  3. VLC86

    pod filter with CAI setups

    hey guys.. iv been looking through all of the old threads about the pod filters vs. CAI. Just wanted to ask, i have seen on a few vl's that you can hook up a pod filter to the car, but also buy some parts that give direct air intake from below, behind the bumper. Its hard to explain, but i...
  4. 01VU2

    Another CAI question...

    Ok, firstly i apologise in advance for asking a question on this topic, i CAN use the search tool and i know theres squillions of threads on CAI's. HOWEVER im asking a pretty specific question and i cant seem to find the answer. SO, i have a vu series II ute and im servicing it and i was going...
  5. apoc585

    useless CAI?

    Ok, i know this may sounds stupid, but ive been thinkin about my CAI for a while now and cant see how it would work to my advantage watsoever... I have a VS Maloo that is stock, with the standard HSV OTR CAI down to the air box and into the engine... now my problem:bang:... with the Maloo front...
  6. immortality

    My NZ VN V6

    My NZ VN V6 -waiting to be BLOWN with giggle gas My ride, 1989 s1 VN executive V6, 5spd Mods: LSD with 3.45:1 gears SV3800 tune modified by me :) Coby headers and 2.5" exhaust (without cat) V8 65mm TB, modified butterfly and shaft shielded K&N POD with CAI and thermal wrapped...