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  1. Ross Wonderley

    DOD (Displacement On Demand) system in NSW Highway Patrol Cars

    Hi all, I have a VF SS series 1 sedan with the L77 engine that in a former life was a NSW highway patrol car (verified by front page in the logbook, as well as minor holes in trim and bodywork and stuff like that). I'm aware of the upsides and downsides of this, however mine has been trouble...
  2. Z31na

    Captured speed trip computer screen

    Its been bugging me for months now. I have an ex police vf. On The trip computer is a "captured speed" screen. Except reseting it to zero 5 minutes after I bought the car no amount of button presses on the trip computer buttons does anything to change this screen. Having this screen enabled...
  3. D

    VF Sportwagon UHF install | Retained accessory power (RAP) | Surveillance mode

    Hey guys, I've got an SV6 sportwagon and have a remote head UHF. I have 3 questions that hopefully someone has come across. 1. Is there Retained accessory power in the boot with the battery to power the radio? 2. Is there a grommet or a way to get the coax through the firewall to the boot? 3...
  4. M

    Help, car impounded need some insight

    So my cars been impounded, it's pretty crushing because I love it more than anything and I've spent a lot of money on it. What's even worse is I don't typically "hoon" I did one bad thing and got caught, so what happened is my best mate got a new car and we decided to race from the lights, after...
  5. L

    Police Interior Light Connector Pinout

    Hi all, I've just bought a set of map lights for my Omega. The unit is the police variant, as you can see in the photo below: Rather than the 4-pin connector that the car's original unit has, or the 6-pin connector I've seen elsewhere on this forum, it has a 10-pin connector: So I...
  6. A

    So I have some odd wiring in my taillights..

    Hey guys. I had my rear taillights replaced on my VE sv6 oday to the LED ones and I noticed a tonne of extra wiring on one side of the car. Here's a pic : http://i.imgur.com/GctGLdAh.jpg As you can see there are a tonne of wiring, that isn't present on the other side. The guy who sold me...
  7. D

    VX 2001 S Ex Police Car Faulty Hazards

    Hi, I have a 2001 VX S ex police car. Neither the hazards or the indicators are working I have checked all the fuses and relays and replaced the hazard lights switch with no prevail. There is power to all the swiches. All the indicators flash when the car is locked and unlocked. Any help would...
  8. F

    Unidentified Police Vehicle...

    Hey everyone, I was in Dandenong today and saw a VE American style police car, it was completely white, nudge bar, pillar spotties, clear lense LED light bar and some small black checkers on the bottom of the drivers door however it was gone as quick as I saw it, does anyone have info/photos...
  9. JoshuaHolmes

    Antenna mounting brackets

    Hi all Excuse me if this has been asked, but I have searched high and low and have not been able to find anything. I am looking for mounting brackets for the boot of a VE SV6 for mobile/amateur radio. I have noticed the Highway Patrol vehicles have ones that go up, forward and out to keep...
  10. JTR007

    My 5.0lt BT1 (SV89 Replica Project)

    My 5.0lt BT1 (Tuff St cruiser) Hey, thought i'd share my Project. :) Model: 1991 BT1 Colour: White Engine: 304 EFI Transmission: Auto Exhaust: VN SS exhaust system with 4" dump Interior: Was tidy. lol Wheels: 16" AusCar i think.. Stereo: JVC head unit, 2x JVC 6" way, 2x 3-way Kicker...
  11. VX EXEC 3.8

    My VX Executive [Red]

    This is my first car, it's a red VX Series1 ex-Police model. Engine: 3.8 litre Ecotec V6 Transmission: 4 Speed slushmatic Suspension: FE2 (Sporty :P) Diff: LSD 3.08:1 Wheels: 17" VT XU6 Stereo: Stock headunit with some decent aftermarket speakers in it, sounds good. Extra Features: - Police...
  12. V

    [QLD] off the hook with this one??

    ok, so heres the story. i was driving on the highway doing 150km in a 100 zone (obviously over the limit) and there was a car in front of me doing the same or close to speed, the vehicle in front of me was in the left lane and i was in the right. WE then passed a speed camera van parked on the...
  13. JSTCOZ

    Cops caring about exhaust loudness?

    Hey guys, Was just wondering if cops are still cracking down on hearing loud cars and booking them anymore or not? You see subaru's and other jap craps with cannons on them and they don't seem to ever get booked. Anyone on here ever get booked lately for having their car being too loud? If...
  14. hwy747

    [NSW] FS Silver Chaser rims of VZ Ute AS NEW

    ITEM: 4 x silver chaser rims off VZ ute with centre caps and black bolts. Only on car 150km until mags were fitted so these are as good as new. LOCATION: Georges Hall NSW (Near Bankstown area) CONDITION: Used but as good as new PRICE: Make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I...
  15. H

    I need Help to win in Court

    So I got done coming back from Warrnambool at 155k back in June my court date i just found out today is the 11th of Dec now i wasn't speeding the very highest i was doing would of been 105 i had 2 passengers who agree i wasn't speeding.(both chicks who yell at me if i do speed) Im not sure...
  16. F

    can cops book you at work?

    = 12 12 12 12 12 12
  17. SUSS8

    !!new speed camera alert!!

    I got an email from a mate that was going around about new Speed Camera's Thought Id chuck it on here. For More Info: CEOS - Products - TIRTL There's one on Maroondah Hwy in Croydon between Croydon and Dorset Rds - a few hundred metres along from the bottom of the big hill. Just a...